Scientologists ‘heal’ Haiti quake victims using touch

Amid the mass of aid agencies piling in to help Haiti quake victims is a batch of Church of Scientology “volunteer ministers”, claiming to use the power of touch to reconnect nervous systems.

A wealthy private donor provided his airplane to fly in 80 volunteers from Los Angeles, along with 50 Haitian-American-doctors, in a gesture worth 400,000 dollars, said a Parisian volunteer who gave her name as Sylvie.

“We’re trained as volunteer ministers, we use a process called ‘assist’ to follow the nervous system to reconnect the main points, to bring back communication,” she said.

Full story:¬†Scientologists ‘heal’ Haiti quake victims using touch

  • goprules

    John Travolta, Kirstie Allie, Leah Rehmini, Tom Cruise, as nauseam.

    Scientology should be studied for its ability to control minds. It’s really quite remarkable.

    E-meters for all.

  • loudog

    The original dose came from Pat Robertson.
    Of course, the headline is misleading because they’re not claiming to ‘heal’ anyone. If these suffering people feel better who cares what they call themselves. It can’t be worse than Big Pharm pushing pills on Americans all day long.

  • vbspurs


  • ohthehugemanatee

    Isn’t it about time for their spaceship to be picking them up?

  • patrick

    I am just fine with this. If we can get verified evidence that it works then we can all shutup. If however as one would expect to happen, we can get verified documentation that it does not do a GD thing then maybe they will resort to handing out rations, assisting in triage, and writing checks.

  • killtruck

    But psychiatry is a pseudo-science.