Obama’s bundlers occupy dozens of key positions

Better Believe It Squad ($100,000 Club):

Adelman, David (Atlanta, GA)
Position: Nominated to Ambassador to Singapore

Bansal, Preeta (New York, NY)
Position: General Counsel, OMB

Fulton, Laurie (Alexandria, VA)
Position: Nominated to Ambassador to Denmark

Goldring, Fred (Los Angeles, CA)
Position: Member, Presidential Committee on the Arts and Humanities

Jarrett, Valerie (Chicago, IL)
Position: Senior advisor to the President

Jennings, Kevin (New York, NY)
Position: Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools

Lazarus, Eddie (Los Angeles, CA)
Position: FCC Chief of Staff

Sapiro, Miriam (Washington, DC)
Position: Deputy US Trade Representative

Schwartz, Eric (New York, NY)
Position: Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration

Thummalapally, Vinai (Colorado Springs, CO)
Position: Ambassador to Belize

Wise, Judy (Chicago, IL)
Position: Member, Commission on White House Fellowships