Gen. Casey, Rep. Wilson and the Jackson Five

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Chet Nagle
Former CIA Agent
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      Chet Nagle

      Naval Academy graduate and Cold War carrier pilot, Chet Nagle flew in the Cuban Missile Crisis. After a stint as a navy research officer, he joined International Security Affairs as a Pentagon civilian -- then came defense and intelligence work, life abroad for 12 years as an agent for the CIA, and extensive time in Iran, Oman, and many other countries. Along the way, he graduated from the Georgetown University Law School and was the founding publisher of a geo-political magazine, The Journal of Defense & Diplomacy, read in over 20 countries and with a circulation of 26,000. At the end of his work in the Middle East, he was awarded the Order of Oman in that allied nation’s victory over communist Yemen; now, he writes and consults. He and his wife Dorothy live in Virginia.

Patrick Jones, spokesman for Fort Jackson, said on Feb. 19 the five recruits were being investigated but not detained. He could not say if they were at Fort Jackson or if they had completed training. He did not name them or their nationality.

On Feb. 20, Army spokesman Christopher Garver said the Jackson Five were not in custody. He could not confirm the recruits were, or were not, U.S. citizens. He could not name them.

Earlier, spokesman Jones said the sudden and silent transfer of Lima Nine headquarters from Fort Jackson to Fort Huachuca, Arizona, had absolutely nothing to do with the Jackson Five investigation.

Then there is Rep. Wilson of President Obama “you lie” fame, a member of the House Armed Services Committee. He told McClatchy Newspapers on Feb. 26 that laptops and cell phones of the Jackson Five had been seized, even though the recruits were discharged for minor thefts. FBI forensic experts are working with CID, but he could not understand why, since original allegations had been dropped. “They were stealing from other soldiers,” he said, “The individuals were simply not trustworthy.” Then he said all five recruits were US citizens from northern Virginia! Well, maybe some of my neighbors in northern Virginia might not be able to pass an Army English language test, but would the Army deport them to Iraq?

The Army refuses to identify The Jackson Five, and has bamboozled us and befuddled Rep. Wilson. Gen. Casey pulled the blinds down, locked the doors, and what is more, he got the bad guys out of Dodge. Then he moved Dodge to Arizona. I have it on good authority he also ordered the Executive Dining Room in the Pentagon never to serve him lima beans.

Chet Nagle is the author of IRAN COVENANT.