As Obama prepares to speak about the way forward on health care, it’s the votes that count

Rep. Baron Hill, Indiana Democrat, voted for the House bill in November. But he told Bloomberg News on Monday that he is concerned about the use of reconciliation to push a health-care bill through Congress — the procedure would circumvent the need for a 60-vote majority in the Senate, where Democrats slipped to 59 votes in January with the loss of Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts.

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, Virginia Republican, estimates that there are several House Democrats in conservative districts who will feel pressure, following the Massachusetts election, to vote against a bill that is so intensely disliked by a majority of the electorate, according to polling over the last few months.

As for the pro-life bloc, Rep. Bart Stupak, Michigan Democrat, has said there are around a dozen House lawmakers who will not vote for the legislation passed by the Senate, which they deem insufficient in preventing federal funds from paying for abortions.

Obama’s proposal so far is to keep the Senate bill’s language, which Stupak said last week is “unacceptable.”

Pelosi and other Democratic leaders — House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, of Maryland, and Majority Whip James Clyburn, of South Carolina — have been tight-lipped about specific vote counts.

Pelosi said Sunday she is confident she will have the votes to pass a bill.

Here is a list of the 18 House Democrat who have given an answer on where they stand:

Brian Baird (WA) – UNDECIDED
John Boccieri (Ohio) UNDECIDED
Dan Boren (OK) – NO
Bobby Bright (AL) – NO
Rick Boucher (VA) – UNDECIDED*
Artur Davis (AL) – NO
Lary Kissell (NC) – NO
Suzanne Kosmas (FL) – UNDECIDED*
Frank Kravotil (MD) – UNDECIDED
Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) – NO
Betsy Markey (Colo) – UNDECIDED
Jim Marshall (GA) – LIKELY NO
Jim Matheson (UT) – UNDECIDED
Michael McMahon (NY) – UNDECIDED*
Scott Murphy (NY) – UNDECIDED*
Glenn Nye (VA) – UNDECIDED
John Tanner (TN) – UNDECIDED
Gene Taylor (Miss) – NO

This article originally stated that the special election was to be held March 13.

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  • thebigodoopedu2

    Unbelievable, isn’t it!!! Everyone needs to see this. I foresee many, many flyovers by the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels being cancelled in the next three years… also, demonstrations by the Golden Knights and our service bands. This guy is out of control!!!
    Obama denied a military flyover at the annual “God and Country” rally in Idaho, where new military recruits were inducted and all military were honored. This is the first time in 42 years that there has not been a military flyover in formation, and organizers were stunned that Obama refused to allow this. When the lady organizing the event contacted the Pentagon to ask why this was not allowed, as it had occurred every year for 42 years, she was told it was because of the event’s “Christian nature.”
    The video also mentions that when Obama made a recent speech, a cross and a Christian symbol for Jesus had to be covered first. This is beyond unbelievable action by the Commander in Chief and President, and Americans need to know about it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      You better check, they may have also canceled your birthday flyover.

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        Your Don Rickles impersonation is getting a bit boring..do you ever saying anything intelligent or is this all we are going see from you?

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          Questioning Obama’s faith isn’t very intelligent if you’re trying to be like Jesus. Not to mention the fact that you stated a lie. Plus, whatever you “foresee” is not fact so practice what you preach bearfriend.

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          • erick1740

            obama has no faith, he is an empty suit.

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            eric I’m glad I am not you.

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    Return of the Blue Dogs Part II – Granny’s doomed………again.

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      I hope your right.