Tea Party activists internally debate ‘foolishness’ of Mark Williams’s response to Dylan Ratigan’s ‘racist’ charges

MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan’s “cut off this man’s microphone” segment with Tea Party Express leader Mark Williams has been hailed by grassroots leaders as a victory, and an example of the left trying to discredit the Tea Party movement by unfairly aligning its members with racism.

But in an e-mail circulated around a number of Tea Party activists — including those involved in Williams’s Tea Party Express — not all think Williams came out on top.

Kelly Eustis, a Tea Party activist and former employee of the Tea Party Express aligned PAC Our Country Deserves Better, wrote in the e-mail chain that “Oh my … Mark Williams looks foolish in that video.  I’ve been laughing all day at this.”

“Don’t try to turn this as though MSNBC was against you and you had to walk off … clearly you already know what that channel is about. You played it up,” Eustis continued.

Ratigan, after questioning the Tea Party Express leader on whether “you accept Nazis and racists at the Tea Party?” told producers to “cut off this man’s microphone” after telling Williams, “You’re wasting valuable oxygen.”

“Can we please cut off this man’s microphone? He has no interest in answering my questions. Mark, a pleasure. Actually, not really a pleasure, it was offensive,” Ratigan said. “You’re offensive. You’re treatment of my show as a vehicle to spread your propaganda, ignore my questions — offensive — and an indication of what is wrong with the dialogue in this country. Period. Not to mention a group that would accept Nazis and racists.”

Eustis, in the e-mail, asked of Williams: “Can’t answer a simple question from lame MSNBC host? C’mon … do you, or do you not, allow racists at Tea Party rallies?”

“A quick answer would be that, ‘They would be asked to leave.’ Is that so hard?!” Eustis wrote. “Jeez. Grow a set rather than grow a further ego. There are a few crazies at every rally but that means showing that they don’t belong. Deal with it.”

Joe Wierzbicki, a leader of the Tea Party Express who said Eustis has been “bitter” since he was fired from the Our Country Deserves Better PAC, said “Instead of making the tea party movement look racist, [Ratigan] made himself look hateful and psychotic.”

“The good news to report is that despite Mr. Eustis’s comments to the contrary, [Tuesday’s] segment on MSNBC with Dylan Ratigan was fantastic. It showed how desperate the left is that they’ve had to pull out the ‘racist’ charge again, but that the host acted so insanely crazed that virtually no-one watching it (probably not even most of MSNBC’s viewers) would be impressed,” Wierzbicki wrote.

He continued: “We here at the Tea Party Express and Our Country Deserves Better Committee are happy to have the Left define themselves this way. Like we said in our e-mail – ‘More Please!’”


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  • christinakb

    This reads like sarcasm, but I am actually totally serious…

    I think our standard response should be modeled after Andrew Breitbart.

    Begin with an incredulous, “Are you KIDDING me??!” and the repeat the ridiculous statement. When the Lefty affirms the question, point out that it is a ridiculous question & that it never believed, until just now, that such a level of ignorance exists in America today.

    Flaty and categorically deny the assertion in question and ask how ON EARTH he (the Lefty) would ask such a silly, wasteful, insulting, stupid question. Be sure to keep your incredulous tone throughout.

    You get extra credit if you add that the questioner is the most hateful, pathetic, disgusting example of a human for even asking whatever it was they were asking.

    ps. Breitbart rawks!

  • lamecherry

    If one is going to play on these liberal fields, one has to have major talking points on every subject, such as……

    Your party Mr. Ratigan of Obamacrats, has Obama with his white folks racist comments, Michelle Obama with her racist comments about America, Chris Matthews of your own station making racist comments, the Tea Party movement is America as the Democratic party is American left, but at least the Tea Party doesn’t condone, employ or elect racists like you do Mr. Ratigan.

  • thebigodoopedu2

    Lets hope Comcast does something about this network…dismantle it and send maddows packing

  • sunnyr

    Why does anyone with half a brain go on PMSNBC anyway? They are going to be goaded into giving those cretins that “gotcha'” moment.

    • thebigodoopedu2

      Your right sunnyr….MSNBC has a horrible reputation of being partisan, far left. They have very low ratings. Why bother? who cares what their 12 viewers think?

  • redbankrick

    Here’s what I wrote on my blog last night (brooklynsblurbs in Blog Towne @ Crosswalk/opinions mine-not endorsed by that site) re: Mark Williams idiocy…he never made a denial that makes all of us look bad:

    Ratigan is a total nut; but Williams came minus a flak jacket & a brain (in my opinion)…he should of automatically stated that Tea Partiers (like me) are 100% against the KKK, White Supremacists & anyone anti black or jew– & made that crystal clear in the first moments..he did not..leading the non-condemnation wide open to liberal use against us. I have had a problem w/ the TEA PARTY EXPRESS as recorded in the past, & have contacted them, & Williams — & recommend no contributions to this group*** that has made us look stupid. Mark Williams is an idiot, & I emailed him such (once again).

    *** Donate to your local groups.


    PS-BTW I use DC alot for the great stories and scoops

  • relayer10

    I like Dylan when he speaks in his field of expertise- business. He obviously either could not, or chose not to hear Williams response. I have never seen or heard Williams before. He answered the question asked, in my opinion, correctly- “No, we don’t promote racism”. He then used a similar episode using the promotion of an NBC reporter after racist remarks. Made Radigan look foolish, uninformed, and simply pushing an idea that he obviously has a clear opinion on. The Tea Party folk that I have seen on TV seem to be of mixed race, non violent, and very vocal. The SEIU, G-20 protesters, Environment activists, and left wing activists when shown on TV seem violent, which overshadows any ideas they may be trying to promote. If only people would actually believe what they are actually seeing.