Spitzer madam Kristin Davis busts into New York governor’s race

Not since porn star Cicciolina was elected to the Italian parliament has there been a sexier political candidate. The first thing you notice is her bust. Round, full, in the Dolly Parton/Jayne Mansfield sense, they are just too “perfect.” Then you notice her eyes: blue, piercing, determined.

Kristin Davis graduated from high school in central California at age 15. She earned a B.A. in business from St. Mary’s College while working in finance. The first hedge fund she worked for was bought by Fidelity, and she worked at hedge funds successfully for another 10 years. Then she became obsessed with the financial possibilities of sex.

Davis built the most successful escort service in world history. She had more than 100 girls and operated in five countries, with a call center in Uruguay. She could dispatch a $1,000-plus-an-hour call girl to a hotel or residence in Paris, Berlin, Gstaad, Rome, New York, L.A., Miami, Dubai, Montreal or elsewhere within minutes. She personally recruited her girls at bars, clubs, resorts and restaurants.

Davis handled a clientele who wanted and got discretion. Spitzer was a frequent patron and sent payments from a corporation New York records show he co-owned. She barred him for getting too rough with the girls and he tried to book girls under an alias.

Then the crap hit the fan. Spitzer was nabbed using another escort service, Emperor’s Club VIP. Spitzer rolled on Davis as part of his agreement with the government not to prosecute him. Davis’s live-in boyfriend testified in secrecy to the grand jury. The lawyer she hired told her to gather evidence on Spitzer then turned it over to him for plea-bargaining. He promptly lost the records when she refused to turn over all her cash to his trust account prior to her arrest.

A bar complaint against this incompetent mouthpiece, Mark J. Heller, went nowhere as he lied about ever having gotten her proof, even though he had been suspended five years earlier with 36 counts of theft and fraud against him.

As The Daily Caller interview reveals, the canny Davis kept plenty of e-mail records, audio tapes and financial records on the former governor, including audio from a hot British birdie who got a $1,000 tip from Client Number No. 9 for her pet cat’s vet bill.

Spitzer mentor and District Attorney Robert Morgenthau set her bail at $2 million, unheard of for an offense of this level and designed to silence her through imprisonment. She did four months on Rikers Island with a hardcore female population that included celebrity child and husband murderers. She bonded with rapper Remy Ma in the joint.

In prison she began to think about the political and judicial systems and how screwed up and inequitable the treatment of women and men. “Once a woman works as a call girl and is convicted she can never get another legitimate job — but a man can be a ‘john’ and life goes on,” she told me.

Davis had a tough time when she got out. She was offered a role narrating a “Girls of Eliot Spitzer” porno film, but the deal evaporated. The government had confiscated almost $12 million in cash when she was arrested. Court mandated “sex therapy” only got her two stalkers from the “clinic” where she had to mix with rapists and pedophiles.

Probation still stages early-morning surprise inspections and asks ridiculous questions about her race for governor.

A lesser woman might be bitter, but after she met fellow Spitzer critic Roger Stone on a radio show she started reading and writing about women’s rights, feminism, prostitution, drug policy and prison reform on her blog Manhattan Madam. Stone gave her Von Mises, Ayn Rand, Hayek and Friedman, and she decided she was a Libertarian. She read voraciously. She flirted with seeking the New York Libertarian party for governor after first planning to challenge Spitzer in a comeback bid for comptroller that never materialized.

Under New York law the nature of Davis’s plea deal allows her to retain her voting rights and eligibility to run for governor. She thought first about running for state comptroller when the Steamroller himself, Eliot Spitzer, was toying with a comeback bid for that office and switched the governor’s race to “have a bigger impact.” Davis told us she told Stone she had decided to run for governor at a midtown Starbucks.

New York has a byzantine system of powerful small parties which cross-endorse Republican and Democrats and build their cumulative vote total. If Davis’s Freedom party (or the Libertarian party, if Davis goes that route) gets 50,000 votes it wins permanent ballot status she and it will be a permanent force for reform. Real Libertarian ideas are going to be tested in the Empire State — and with a sexy messenger.

Davis says here platform is clear: “P-squared” — legalize and tax prostitution and marijuana. Davis thinks that could bring $2.5 billion or more in new revenue to New York, allowing the state to cut the more regressive income and property taxes. Davis backs gay marriage but also opposes gun control as a consistent Libertarian. With New York politicians in particular disrepute, perhaps New Yorkers will find Davis’s plans compelling.

I met Davis at the Cellar Bar at the Park Bryant Hotel. She wore a conservative gray suit that Sarah Palin could have chosen and killer Louboutin shoes. She smelled … intoxicating.