Spitzer madam Kristin Davis busts into New York governor’s race

The DC: How does your mother feel about your campaign and your old business?

KD: My mom is a California Republican, little-old-lady-in-tennis-shoes type. Loved Ronald Reagan. Never missed an election. She didn’t know what my business was when I got busted, but she’s never judged and now she’s excited that what happened to me became something positive. She will campaign with me in October.

The DC: You say you supplied high-priced escorts for Eliot Spitzer over a five-year period in which he was both the highest law enforcement officer in the state and the governor as chief executive. Yet there is no proof of this and you were not prosecuted in the same action in which Governor Spitzer was identified by the government as Client No. 9.

KD: While it is true that my first lawyer, Mark J. Heller purposely “lost” or sold privileged records and audio tapes that would prove beyond any doubt that Spitzer was a long-term client of my agency, fortunately I personally retained more than sufficient records, e-mails and audio recordings to remove any doubt as to whether Eliot Spitzer was a client of my company.

I have said previously that the governor was into some pretty kinky stuff and that it was difficult for me to find escorts willing to spend time with him more than once. I know that he used various agencies and my lawyers now tell me they have been told by individuals in Justice Department and the district attorney’s office that in Spitzer’s own discussion and proffer in the Emperor’s Club matter he “rolled on” me giving the government information, which ensured my prosecution so that he could walk.

I have spoken ad nauseum about the inequities in the justice system. I have no doubt that Spitzer used his relationship with District Attorney Morgenthau to avoid prosecution and to ensure that I was given an unreasonably high bail in a victimless crime as a deterrent to my speaking publicly regarding Governor Spitzer and his abuse of women and sexual appetites as well as his idiosyncrasies such as his propensity to haggle over price. I will admit some of the girls said he tipped generously. One gorgeous British call girl got a $1,000 tip for her little dog’s vet bill.

The DC: Can you really get your name on the ballot in New York? Why don’t you just run as a Republican or a Democrat? Didn’t you consider running for the Libertarian party nomination?

KD: Both parties seem to me to be equally corrupted. It’s the same old hacks that write laws perpetuating their own re-election so that they can feed at the trough like pigs. Why should the politicians we pay have superior health-care benefits than to those of the average person?

All politicians and incumbents are in it together regardless of party. Any business that ran like the government would be out of business almost immediately.

I’m a Libertarian. Barry Goldwater is a personal hero. I believe in free men, free women and free markets. I distrust government. I believe in the individual. I think a woman must control her own body when it comes to abortion or choosing to rent it for an hour. I like Ron Paul and much of what he stands for. I support gun rights.

Obviously I’m a social liberal. If you don’t like that, don’t vote for me.

I really enjoyed the Manhattan Libertarian meeting I attended and was honored to speak. I am going to Libertarian state convention in late April. We’ll see.

Either way I an confident that I can collect more than enough signatures from cadres of escorts, ex-escorts, strippers, dancers, dommes, gays, lesbians, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, U.S. Marines, rappers who revere the pimp or other lovers of freedom moving my petitions under the direction of my communications consultant Frank Morano.

The DC: Should Paterson resign?

KD: If he is found he have done something illegal, yes. I’d feel better if he had appointed a disinterested special prosecutor rather than Andrew Cuomo to figure that out.

He won’t be prosecuted though, the “political class” never are. That’s one of the bases for my campaign. Equal treatment under the law. These politicians betray the public trust and get a slap in the wrist.

[New York Assembly Speaker] Sheldon Silver says Paterson should not be included in budget talks because he is accused of protecting a top aide from charges of sexual assault.

This is major hypocrisy. [Davis stopped to pin back her long blond hair which had been falling into her face.]

NY Assembly Speaker Silver whitewashed rape charges against own top aide only to have this fellow rape again, Silver and the assembly paid a half-million dollars of hush money — taxpayer money — to cover this mess up. Now, Silver has room to criticize Paterson for covering up a sexual assault by his own top aide?

By the way, Silver’s aide got six months probation and a $1,000 fine after admitting nonconsensual sex with the second woman. I got four months in Rikers, much of it in solitary, six years probation and travel restrictions after surrendering millions of dollars. Every penny I had.

You wonder why voters are sick of our political leaders.

The DC: Peter Elkind, a senior editor at Fortune, has a book forthcoming that again claims that you have no proof that you provided ladies for Spitzer.

KD: Peter Elikind is a meschkeit. A schlmiehl. When he says I have no proof he means I wouldn’t give it to him for his book. He misrepresented himself as a reporter writing for Fortune — not the author of a book. I am poised to sue him and [his publisher] Penguin if he says anything about me that isn’t true or accurate.

This hustler Elkind has some cockamamie idea that Ken Langone and Hank Greenberg took down Eliot and used a private investigator to find out about his escort habits. Problem is, Elkind has no proof of this because it’s not true.

He got very nasty when I wouldn’t give him what he wanted for his book to the point of harassment. I considered a restraining order. He drools when he talks. Most unpleasant. Reminds me of the guys I see at the sex offender counseling I am still required to attend.

The DC: Any disappointments so far in your campaign?

KD: Yes, the New York Post.

The Daily News has been fair and reported my announcement as did Fox, CBS, AP, UPI, Reuters, the Philadephia News, Chicago Tribune, Reason.com, High Times … but not the New York Post. The editors constantly spike stories on my campaign. I have e-mail from reporters to prove it.

Even Andrea Peyser scheduled an interview and canceled it. I was disappointed. I like her writing and her willingness to take on the politically correct.

I guess they are invested financially with Ashley Dupree — their new “relationship advice” columnist. Too bad the b**** can’t write … or talk.

Or is Rupert just anti-woman? Do I need to organize 20 Penthouse Pets to picket Murdoch’s apartment to protest the Stalinist-like refusal of the Post to acknowledge my existence. Do I need to chain myself in Col Allan’s office and call the TV stations? Stay tuned.

I was on the [New York Post’s] Fred Dicker radio show in Albany. He was very sweet. Sounds kinda cute. He invited me to visit the studio and do the show live when I visit Albany. Hasn’t written my name once. But if Andrew Cuomo burped …

I look forward to visiting Albany. It’s funny how many New York State legislators I supplied escorts for — all in my black book of 10,000 clients. I won’t sell it or leak it. I think doing so is unprofessional. I made $5 million a year from these clients by promising discretion. Michele Braun, the madam in the Tiger Woods fiasco, is selling names of johns and girls online. Disgusting.

I had lawyers, athletes, diplomats, congressmen, senators, judges and News Corp. executives and TV personalities. I won’t sell my list or leak names, but trust me, if I went to the state capitol I would see 20 or 30 old “clients.”

I recognize some on the floor of Congress when I watch C-Span. You know it’s always the real right-wing, evangelical, religious right types who want the kinky stuff and paid extra for it. I had one Southern congressman who just wanted to wear diapers and suckle a black woman’s breasts.

The DC: On behalf of The Daily Caller, good luck in the campaign.

KD: By the way, do you think Tucker Carlson would consider running for lieutenant governor?

Mike Colapietro has written for SMOKE, Boxingscene.com and NJ Casino News. He is moving to Queens, N.Y.