Health-care bill won’t be released until Thursday, and timing is still unclear

President Obama’s health care bill will not be scored by the Congressional Budget Office and released to House Democrats and the public until Thursday at some point, and maybe as late as the afternoon, three House Democratic leaders said late Wednesday.

“We’re still waiting,” said Rep. John Larson, Connecticut Democrat and chair of the House Democratic Caucus, after emerging from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

“They keep telling us, it was since Sunday, we’ve been hearing it was Monday. Now it’s Wednesday evening.”

“So we hope tomorrow,” he said. “From your lips to God’s ears, we wish it was here yesterday.”

“It’s much more likely to come tomorrow morning, or sometime tomorrow I should say,” said Rep. Chris Van Hollen, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer was more oblique, telling reporters it could come Wednesday evening, Thursday morning or Thursday afternoon.

Pelosi spokesman Nadeam Elshami emerged moments later to say nothing would be released Wednesday night.

Democrats are now running up against a time crunch. They need to give themselves 72 hours from the release of the bill until the vote, and if they release the bill Thursday morning that would still enable a vote Sunday morning, and probably would allow the president time to wait to sign the bill if it passes before he leaves for a week-long international trip.

  • unmutual

    This administration is as transparent as liberals are patriotic.

    And for you liberals out there, that means not very.

  • suttree

    What else is there for recalcitrant and WEAK Dems other than to fall on the sword of whatever comes out of the CBO?
    However, the Dems have intial cover (uh huh) since Barry said that the bill would be public AFTER passage… incidentally and while he is vacationing in Indonesia.

    The nowhere man- see

  • adamincalifornia

    The CBO computers keep crashing when they try to calculate how much this will cost taxpayers. They had to go over to the NSA and use their array of Crays that they use to listen to phone calls. Crashed those too.

    So they called up Tim Geitner – he plugged some numbers into his magic (and bootlegged) copy of TurboTax and – voila – $2 billion “created or saved”.

    America is in the best of hands.

    • des1

      I get the CBO scoring. It’s not their fault. They’re being asked to make a determination with the bogus facts of 10 years revenue with 6 years of services, being asked to only consider completely rosy economic projections, and have to ignore any common-sense problems that could arise via the bill (like doctors refusing to care for Medicare patients at the new reduced rates). Their projection is a joke not because they’re being dishonest, but because they’re being asked to make a projection on a hypothetical with about 100 hypothetical restrictions that favor the bill.

      The sad thing is, both parties use the same trick. It’s just that right now, the Dems are trying to completely screw us over for the next generation or two with it. So we have to ally ourselves with the Republicans to try to stop it, even though at least 1/2 of them are every bit as slimy as the Dems who are supporting this.

      Any of you Liberals who still think this is a good idea, just try to explain to the rest of us why if it’s such a good bill that they’ve had to buy votes from other Democrats with coercion or bribes (and are still coming up short). If it’s as wonderful as you all think it is, why don’t Dems just universally support it without any need for the deceit?

  • moira1987

    What’s the holdup? They keep saying they have the votes when they don’t even have a bill or the scoring. What’s the cost of all the smoke and mirrors the Dems are using? lol