Jon Voight to rally with Tea Partiers

Alex Pappas just confirmed this with the Tea Party Patriots:

Tea Party Patriots grassroots members from around the country have asked to be back in DC on Saturday, March 20. Responding to their grassroots cries, Tea Party Patriots will be back in DC on Saturday. Ordinary citizens want to go through the the House office buildings one more time to ask Congress to vote NO on the government takeover of health care.

Tea Party Patriots will gather on Saturday at 12:00 noon and will be joined by actor John Voigt. We are working on the exact location and will have that information to you as quickly as we can.

So far, joining Tea Party Patriots in this effort are the following organizations: Let Freedom Ring, 60 Plus, Institute for Liberty, FreedomWorks, and Americans for Tax Reform. We’ll have an update on additional coalition partners tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Jenny Beth Martin

  • Kenneth Gilbert

    Best news I’ve seen all right here, daily caller and Jon Voight.

  • sunnyr

    Dang, I wish I could be there tomorrow! Thank you, Jon Voight, for calling for the Tea Party troops to gather and protest the insanity that the Marxist Messiah is perpetrating on this nation. The man is bat-*hit crazy, and is a Narcissistic Megalomaniac! He must be stopped before he causes the total collapse of our economy, which is his real agenda. Bastard!

    • kris

      Tell us how you really feel!

  • guncrazy

    Rule #3 Violation, Jon. Keep your finger OFF the trigger.

    • erick1740

      The bolt is open, so it is safe. I agree, don’t put your finger on trigger until you fire.

    • godgnsguts

      Jon buddy, you keeo that finger ON the trigger and aim LEFT!!

      • strawhat88

        Tough talk from behind that keyboard, retard (sorry, Palin-American).

        • godgnsguts

          I’m not above arranging a face to face with you huckleberry, I’m calling you out!

          • strawhat88

            Whenever you’re in the Orlando area, I’m you’re huckleberry. Twat-waffle.

      • theneighborhoodguy

        especially while you’re in Washington, DC

        • godgnsguts

          Which neighborhood are you from cup cake? Hollywood? san francisco?

          • theneighborhoodguy

            you are calling out the straw man…no?

        • godgnsguts

          I apologize, I misunderstood your post

          • theneighborhoodguy

            aim left my friend, aim left. Thanks for the clarification.