Creative protests from around the world [Slideshow]

Thai protesters garnered plenty of attention this past week when they turned their demonstrations into a blood sport. After the country’s president resisted pressure from 10,000 anti-government “red shirts” on Sunday, leaders of the anti-government rallies promised they would:

… collect “1 million cubic centimeters” of protesters’ blood, or about 264 gallons (1,000 liters), to spill at Government House in the Thai capital by Tuesday evening — a tactic slammed by the Red Cross as wasteful and potentially unhygienic.

While the Thai protesters might be dividing their country, they do share one quality with demonstrators from other parts of the world: They know how draw attention to their causes.

Pictured below are ten protests characterized with similar originality and zealous demonstrators. The best include animal rights supremacists, a group of mail-order protesters, and lactose intolerant police officers.