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Did Emanuel Cleaver really get spit on?

Based on the various accounts of the Obamacare protest in Washington last weekend, you’d think somebody actually reared back, made a big ol’ hocking sound, and spit on the Missouri congressman. Well, now there’s video of the event:

YouTube Preview Image

I can’t get it to link to the specific time code, but fast-forward to the 1:20 mark. Looks to me like that dude was yelling at him and maybe a drop of spittle flew at him. Which still sucks. Nobody likes to be yelled at, especially by some redneck who won’t just shut up and pay his taxes. But it’s not like somebody hocked a loogie in Cleaver’s face.

I know, I know. It doesn’t matter anyway because the Tea Parties are racist. I’m just providing… what’s it called? Oh yeah: Evidence.

Cleaver declined to press charges over this, which is a good thing because no arrests were made that day.

Incidentally, do you guys hear the “n-word” in there? Me neither. Maybe we’re just not listening hard enough.

P.S. I forgot to link to it earlier, but I liked “Anchorman’s” take on this whole phenomenon.

P.P.S. Those dumb crackers over at Newsbusters don’t like it when somebody threatens to find those Tea Partiers and “knock every racist and homophobic tooth out of their Cro-Magnon heads.” Hey, if it’s good enough for the editors at the Washington Post, it’s good enough for me.

P.P.P.S. From lweaton in the comments: “If this is spitting, every guest on Hardball ought to be up in arms.”

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  • sotiredofallthis

    Yeah, looks for sure like a ‘say it, don’t spray it’ moment. Gross, for sure, but malicious? No way.

  • mojo

    Can we refer to him as “the Beav”?


  • LibertyJane

    Next time, they should turn their backs, or better yet, bow and scrape to their betters. Peasants should be careful not to emit any saliva or sounds. If one of them accidentally farts in the Congressman’s general direction, hopefully that’s not yet against the law . . .

  • zelda

    I’m not saying it couldn’t have happened. My husband and I had nasty racial insults hurled at us when we counter protested the anti-war demonstrations. As much as they don’t like white people who think defending the country is good, they hate non-whites who think the same exponentially more.

    But it didn’t happen here. And now it must be acknowledged that this congressman lied to further his agenda, and that sometimes people on the Left do this when they want to deflect criticism for some massively stupid thing they did.

  • sgtrelic

    Here’s a little tip for Cleaver: When you are on you’re way to screw every man, woman, and child for generations to come, congress not included, don’t walk too close to the people you’re screwing.