Happy 70th Birthday Nancy Pelosi!

Today marks the 70th birthday for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Nancy has certainly evolved over the past seven decades, looking…um….different with time. With the biggest feather in her cap being the health care bill recently passed, it is appropriate to celebrate the force that is Nancy Pelosi. Here’s to you Mrs. Pelosi, you certainly are the San Francisco treat!

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  • bobsully

    “What do you think of Nancy Pelosi through the years?” This is a rather odd and shallow poll. I hope we see ones with more substance in the future.

  • seekingtounderstand

    Imagine Nancy Pelosi going on a tour around America….would love to see her stop by every state and talk to the local people. Hey…Nancy America wants to thank you in person, please come and visit us soon.

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  • godgnsguts

    from those pics I did notice she got dumber every year… and also noticed that She has stretched her skin so much that her a-hole now lines up with her mouth, she speaks notn but sh*t

  • jackherman

    I can’t get past the nonsense spewing from her mouth to consider her looks.