Meghan McCain: Laura Ingraham ‘can continue to kiss my ass!’

McCain stressed her beliefs in a strong national defense, a limited government that leaves people alone and said, “the health-care bill has scared the shit out of me this week.” Spending, she said, was the common thread among Republicans of all stripes, and that’s what keeps her a proud member of the Republican Party.

“Start talking about Afghanistan and I’ll show you just how Republican I am.”

She did stress her staunch support of gay marriage, a position that has gotten her into trouble with more conservative members of the party.

“You hear that, GW Young Republicans?” she said after espousing her beliefs on gay marriage, referring to the initial drama several months ago over sponsorship of her visit.

College Republicans at the university originally agreed to co-sponsor McCain’s speech with Allied in Pride, an organization for LGBTQ students. But when College Republicans learned that the speech was intended as the keynote event for Marriage Equality Week, they pulled sponsorship. The event eventually had to be re-scheduled due to snow storms in Washington, D.C., and Thursday’s event was no longer a part of Marriage Equality Week, but the College Republicans had already pulled their funding and were replaced by the Log Cabin Republicans.

McCain also shared thoughts on a slew of politicians and media personalities:

On South Carolina representative Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” outburst during President Obama’s address to Congress: “I have been to many heated rallies, but still I was taken aback … the president didn’t deserve that.”

On Joy Behar: “I actually love Joy Behar even though she’s a huge Democrat.”

On John Kerry: “I voted for John Kerry in the 2004 election cycle. Yes, I was on the wrong boat.”

On two of her favorite senators, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina: “I just think they’re rock stars.”

And on Sarah Palin, her father’s 2008 running mate: “I don’t dislike her in the way people assume. I respect any woman who can go out and kick ass in politics.” Asked by a student whether McCain and her father ever talk about the former Alaska governor: “Never.”

  • DaveT3000

    Meg may be a Democrat by modern lights but I’d vote for her in lieu of her dad; I wager she’s got a bigger one than does Tony W…

  • krjohnson

    I believe the “progressive Republicans” are mostly dead. I think they died out with Teddy Roosevelt and the failed “Bull Moose Party” when Republicans were getting to conservative for crazy uncle Teddy.

    The “progressive” party these days is the Democrat party, Megan.

  • abderecho

    Ms. MaCain, what a delight you are.

    • What Would Jesus Take ?

      Ms. McCain, what a disgusting traitor you are !

      Please come out of the “progressive closet” and be true to yourself….you

      are a “progressive democrat”, no two ways about it !

      I can call myself a Swedish supermodel, let’s face it, as a brunette, 5’8

      over 30 ….I am no Swedish supermodel !

  • albore

    Who cares what this spoiled, pudgy brat has to say? And more importantly, why on earth is the DC reporting on it…?

    just ignore her & she will just go away…

  • jar59

    Go away.
    Just go.

  • ConanTheRepublican

    For God’s sake almighty, WHEN will Republicans simply DROP the damn word “PROGRESSIVE” from their GOD-FORSAKEN vocabulary?? Beck uses it, O’Reilly uses it, on occasion Hannity uses it to describe the LEFT! THEY use that word to define THEMSELVES as “making progress”. They are RETROGRADE, not “progressive”. As a group, can we as conservatives pledge to not use that infernal word any more to describe the left??? CAN WE???

  • ConanTheRepublican

    Yeah, just goes to show that real conservatives have been right about McCain all along. R-I-N-O to the CORE. What about McCain-Feingold? McCain-Kennedy? McCain-Liebermann? You think we’ll just FORGET all that, you TWIT? Reagan proved it once and for ALL TIME: “IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME!” When a six-gun-shootin’ Conservative steps up to the plate, he’ll hit it right outta the park. The American people will RUSH out to greet him. (IS there a “her” out there with the guts and brains?) SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE, PLEASE stop giving a crap what the lamestream media thinks about them, and JUST BE A DAMN CONSERVATIVE!!!