Food stamp beer reviews

If people are bent out of shape about about a couple of kids with poorly-spelled names using food stamps for raw honey, I wonder how apoplectic everyone’s going to get when they learn that 56 of their tax dollars went toward a bunch of beer and Skittles this week.

I’m sure there is a moral issue to buying alcohol and tobacco with my food stamps (to say nothing of having them in the first place), but I’m certainly not losing sleep over taking a little “kickback” from the taxes they’ve already bled out of me.

Full story: FOOD STAMP BEER REVIEWS « Viceland Today

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  • oeno

    Not really bent out of shape. It sounds outrageous, until you read the blog a bit.

    How are people allowed to be part of the program if they don’t keep any sort of records that segregates the money spent on the program?

    That seems like saying “Well we spent X dollars on the program and it bought Y amount of food, at least we think it bought food. Z? Why are you asking about Z? We do not believe in Z, therefore it does not exist.”