Iran nuclear ring probed

An Iranian firm closely linked to Tehran’s nuclear program acquired special hardware for enriching uranium, despite sanctions intended to keep such equipment out of Iran, according to officials with knowledge of the matter.

In recent weeks, the officials said, an Iranian procurement firm obtained critical valves and vacuum gauges made by a French company that until December was owned by U.S. industrial conglomerate Tyco International. The French and U.S. firms said they knew nothing of the case.

Western authorities are still struggling to understand precisely how the valves and gauges in question reached Iran. The International Atomic Energy Agency is investigating the matter, according to a Vienna-based diplomat, and Western intelligence agencies also are investigating, The Wall Street Journal has learned.

A Jan. 14 email that triggered the IAEA investigation alleged that the valves moved through an intermediary representing a Chinese company based near Shanghai.

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  • tomdoff

    Ahmadinejad also conned the CIA-front Mattel Corporation into ‘lending’ him some nuclear triggers disguised as Barbie dolls, ostensibly as part of an ‘Out-Reach’ program to Israel.

  • thebigodoopedu2

    Obama will allow Iran to get nukes..He just wants to distance himself from it by expecting Russia, France and China to be the leaders in enforcing sanctions. this move is assuring Iran will succeed. As we can see France has already assisted Iran and I’m sure Russia is as well we just don’t have the proof yet. Obama dragging his feet purpose, making friends with countries that have been more inline with supporting Iran than the US. This behavior is fueling a potential confrontation between not just Israel and Iran but world powers as well.

  • desmo1121

    Obama isn’t smart enough to out negotiate with Iran or any foreign dignitary.

    “Hey Obama, that’s a chess board, not checkers! There is no jumping and you can’t get be “Queen Me” when you reach the the other side.

  • tomdoff

    Ahmadinejad’s most successful approach, so far, is trading Iranian oil for complete missiles with nuclear warheads attached, to Halliburton.