Bill Clinton was my sex-ed teacher

Only 20 percent of college students participating in a Guttmacher study defined “oral-genital contact” as “sex.” There was resounding agreement, however, that vaginal (98 percent) and anal intercourse (78 percent) do count as sex.

The survey of 477 university students was conducted in 2007 and reveals a dramatic change over the years: A similar poll taken in 1991 found that twice as many university students defined oral sex as for-real sex.

The Guttmacher study blames this shift on “the Clinton-Lewinsky effect.”

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  • oeno

    Linking to Salon? Perhaps DC is getting desperate. That would be another thing they could shoot for in the next year of “publication”.

    I suppose they are bored enough to link to Salon and just cherry pick anything at that they need to post something new.

    • awlhattinokaddle

      oemu…Not only are all the Posters here inferior to you but the website as well. When can we expect a Superior Website from you to launch?

  • wrenchie

    Oh, and The Guttmacher Institute doesn’t “blame” the shift on Clinton; it CELEBRATES it!

  • wrenchie

    Oral sex isn’t REAL sex? Someone forgot to tell Ms. Chlamydia and Mr. Gonorrhea.

  • tinteardrop