MSNBC boots Shuster

Poor David Shuster–all he wanted was to see what was out there. And maybe shoot a pilot for CNN. Now MSNBC, after promising that a wandering Shuster would “be punished appropriately,” has canned him. It’s a hard knock life.

Also, who will Breitbart battle now?

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  • rainmaker1145

    The reality is that Mr. Shuster hung himself by being himself. The audience for his show never really took off (less than 500,000 nationwide on most days) – but was about average for MSNBC. The sin is that NBC Universal is on the block and General Electric has been trying to sell it since Christmas with no takers because it isn’t a hot property – not exactly (see General Electric 2009 Annual Report, page 27 on the website). They are desperate to make the cable operation earn enough money to generate a real sale, yet the only thing worth real money in the entire NBC Universal division is (perhaps) the film vault of Universal Pictures that could be sold off (film by film) to generate a real capital gain in a break up. In the end, NBC Broadcasting doesn’t make any money and this is a real problem. NBC is a stalwart liberal bastion and the fear is that if it were sold to a real-world asset manager the asset manager would immediately shut down NBC and all of its operations. This would be the death knell for ABC and CBS so the game continues; the search for the perfect liberal buyer who is willing to sacrifice tens of millions of dollars each fiscal quarter in lost economic opportunities in order to support the liberal cause.

    In the end, even George Sorous is having trouble swallowing it. Mr. Shuster is just a symptom of the totality of what is in the offing for MSNBC and the liberal media.

  • moira1987

    Also, who will Breitbart battle now?

    The rest of them…

  • grannysunni

    Shuster, punished for remarking that Hillary was “pimping” Chelsea, has now pimped himself out of a job. Such sweet, poetic justice.

  • desmo1121

    When your too low for MSNBC, you must be pretty bad!

    • spr8er


  • unmutual

    Now he has more time for the lotion.

  • apberusdisvet

    What to watch anymore? Even cartoons are propaganda machines for the Progressives. Oh well: back to reading by candlelight when they finally allow the price of gas to hit $4 by Xmas (manipulation) and $8 in 12 months (due to cap and trade/EPA).

  • awlhattinokaddle

    Now if they would only get rid of Chrissy Matthews, Pugnacious Puke Ed Shultz,Kieth Olberboog and Cuningliguist Rachal Madcow.

    • theneighborhoodguy

      One nutsy at a time, hatman.

  • erick1740

    Maybe the beginning of the end for liberal journalism?

    • ojfl

      One can only hope erick. But we need to go back to the media ALWAYS questioning government. Just as they did with EVERYTHING president Bush did.

    • spr8er