MSNBC president tells fan that Shuster ‘was not moral, ethical or professional’

The only public statement about David Shuster’s suspension from MSNBC was five words from a spokesperson.

But Mediaite has obtained an email from MSNBC President Phil Griffin to an angry fan, explaining in slightly more, and much harsher, detail the reason for Shuster’s indefinite suspension.

“Sorry, but this is a business and I need team players. He was not moral, ethical or professional and that is not fair to the 500 people who work at msnbc.”

Full story: MSNBC President Tells Fan That Shuster “Was Not Moral, Ethical Or Professional” | Mediaite

  • ARconservatve1

    I hope this tool can’t even find a job on local cable access. Seeing as he can’t find his ass w/2 hands, he spent all his time at MESSNBC attempting to goad every Republican (the few they actually had the guts to let on) doing 1 of 3 things…1.) Admit Rush Limbaugh was the head of the (R) party
    2.) Get them to apologize to Rush for some imagined slight
    that may have made towards him.
    3.) Talk over them as they were attempting to answer 1 of his
    absurd, biased questions.

    This guy has no talent, ethics or class. Kudos to Tucker for having the self restraint not to just b-slap him every time he saw him during his time on the Torture Channel, a.k.a. MSNBSeeHowWeLoveDemocrats.

  • rogueone

    Probably an internal MSNBC poll among its employees, yielded that Shuster is better suited to be president of MSNBC then Phil Griffin. I mean if you are going to run a amoral, unethical, unprofessional network spewing liberal, proressive, obamaian, propaganda like MSNBC does, at least you should be up front in your face and unapologetic about it. – Time to shuck-ster the competition huh Phil. –

  • avery

    MSNBC need to do a lot of House cleaning.It the Network of Hate.