Senator Baucus thinks cutting the deficit is funny

Unemployment is not funny. But what is funny is Sen. David Vitter’s insistence legislation not be passed that increases the debt by $108 billion a year – at least to Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.). While Vitter (R-La.) passionately objected to the recently stalled unemployment benefits package, Baucus and his cohort snickered:

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  • wf922

    I too think the snicker was at the fist pounding, but I don’t believe it was rehearsed, he was asked a question and responded forcefully, I applaud him for that, its about time someone shows some passion when it comes to all this spending. It was the democrat party that passed legislation that any new spending be paid for, is it too much to ask that, that they obey what they themselves insisted on? I question the need for yet another extension, dis makes what two years of extensions are you kidding me, at some point we have to stop making people comfortable staying at home and not becoming productive members of society.

  • timzank

    When I see a clip like that I feel like I just woke up from a coma….these guys are talking about 108 BILLION fu%$king dollars and Al fu&%king Franken is presiding. Unreal.

  • patrick

    and it made my skin crawl to hear them refer to stewart as “Mr. President” boy won’t that be a kick in the nuts if that day ever comes.

    • anniebanannie

      If that days comes, it will probably be after they’ve confiscated your nuts,,,so,,,,no worries.

  • patrick

    in all fairness to baucus, I think the chuckle was from the very poorly delivered and rehearsed fist pound on the podium.

    That said Baucus has shown no reluctance to increase the deficit.

    • anniebanannie

      That was a pretty lame fist pound, eh? I even laughed at him.