What’s the beef with climate change?

On the bottom line, animal agriculture accounts for less than three percent of America’s greenhouse gas emissions. That hardly makes it worth giving up ham and cheese sandwiches and switching to soymilk.

The “Climategate” saga has demonstrated that the global warming battle is an intensely political one. And there’s nothing new about political opponents playing “numbers games” as they scuffle for talking points.

Today the data behind gloomy climate-change scenarios is being re-examined in the harsh glare of scandal. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, so perhaps we can start mopping up all the mythology surrounding global warming—not just the apocalyptic endgame.

It turns out meat-eating greenies can enjoy bacon, brisket, and burgers without guilt. And PETA, Paul McCartney, and HSUS had better hire some new number crunchers. They’re going to need them.