Rove says he has ‘problems’ with AZ immigration law

THE VILLAGES – Karl Rove, chief political strategist for former President George W. Bush, today questioned a controversial new Arizona law designed to cut down on illegal immigration by making it a crime to not produce proof of citizenship when a law enforcement officer demands it.

Rove, speaking to a crowd of about 500 at the mammoth senior community as part of a national book tour, said that while the law is understandable, it does present difficulties. The law has become the nation’s toughest anti-immigration measure.

“I think there is going to be some constitutional problems with the bill,” he said to the standing-room-only crowd at the Colony Cottage Recreation Center. “I wished they hadn’t passed it, in a way.”

Full Story: Rove says he has ‘problems’ with AZ immigration law – Orlando Sentinel

  • buckjohnson

    Nobody commenting on why drugs are coming from Mexico. It is the demand, stupid, so the US had a much to be blame as Mexico and other southern countries. Maybe the stupid war on drugs should be review, the demand issue taken on, and perhaps the drug couriers will not be so willing and able to come here.

  • 420trvlr

    Pick a forum, any forum, and it is pretty much the same, tremendous support for AZ’s law, and no support for the Republicrats and Demopublicans. They are really hoping that everyone will forget come Nov. and they can keep control of the anti-constitutional government they have managed to put in place.

    Vote out anyone running for re-election! We need a revolving door on D.C. so that it is harder and harder for these jackals to make a career of this.

  • flips

    Go Tea Party!

    Beat the GOP!

    Rove is obviously an illegal-hugger.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Bruski/617562029 Daniel Bruski

    I am a strong supporter of the Immigration Legislation that was passed in Arizona – kudos to Governor Jan Brewer for signing it into law! Maybe this will tell those illegals that this country means business when it comes to immigration – or at least the State of Arizona does. I read that a State Representative for Texas will be introducing a similar bill to her colleagues in the Texas Legislature in January 2011. Now, all we need is for more states – and the federal government – to do something about this invasion of our great country.

  • mugwa


    You GOP establishment operatives will be PURGED

    You knuckleheads won’t be allowed to act like dems anymore

  • mugwa

    He doesn’t like the law becuase it signifies the beginning of the end of the GOP establishment. TEA Partiers and ordinary conservatives are going to force the GOP to act like true conservatives and not allow them to pander for Hispanic votes at the cost of conservative principles.

  • doncicciofitipaldi

    Rove might be a mischievous rat, but even he knows that this is a really bad political move for the Republicans. They will now get 0 latino vote all across the country.

    And all of you that support this law simply bacause you are against illegal immigration (WHICH I AM TOO)…..simply do not understand how “probable cause” is determined. Anyone – INCLUDING LAWFUL, AMERICAN CITIZENS – with dark skin, funny accent, weird dress, different shoes, etc will now be able to get stopped and harrased.

    You call yourselves FREEDOM LOVERS and scream and yell your ‘freedoms’ are being taken away by some ficticious boogie man, but when FREEDOM AND LIBERY ARE ACTUALLY THREATENED, YOU SUPPORT IT.

    Is really is funny.

    • gbenton

      Don… lots of latino’s according to polls support this law. why? because the ‘profiling’ you reference is happening now. This law specifically prohibits it.

      It’s a tough issue, but the fact that this law is supported by the majority of people who LIVE there, shows that the Federal Goverment better get on the ball.

      whether Rove is right or not, will remain to be seen.

      I hope he’s not.

      Illegal alien means illegal. Prosectution should be swift, consistent, and persistent. this law, from what I’ve read, does that.

      At the very least, it gets the discussion started and doesn’t begin with ‘Amnesty’

  • liberty

    I agree with Rove on lots of topics, but he is wrong here as he was when he advised President Bush on this issue.

  • sugar2

    Where the hell you been? This is no different than what we as legal citizens have been abiding by 30 years. Does “probable cause” ring a bell? Why shouldn’t immigrants(legal or illegal) have to live by the same laws? They are no better than anyone else! You are either legal or you are not…period…no discussion!

    • doncicciofitipaldi

      Zieg! Zieg! We should start a camp and put them all in there too.

      • anniebanannie

        That’s an idea that’s always been implemented by the left, not the right. Japan – internment camps – FDR – democrat.

      • anniebanannie

        That’s an idea that’s always been implemented by the left, not the right

    • doncicciofitipaldi

      Its no much fun to watch you Regressives argue for fascist style totalitarianism simply bacause YOU HATE and FEAR!!!