The Kentucky Derby best dressed list [SLIDESHOW]

There are few places where you can experience the aura of another era. Churchill Downs is one of them.

Once a year, on a Saturday in May, the well-groomed and impeccably dressed flock to Louisville to indulge in mint juleps and admire the finest horses of the first jewel in the Triple Crown.

Myriad aspects of the Derby are unique, but perhaps the most notable is the fashion.  Everyone partakes: women sport elaborate hats, men don their finest suits, jockeys wear smart silks and (very lucky) horses are draped in roses.

Right now, a privileged few are putting together the final touches of their looks to impress their fellow Derby guests. We expect to see great things on Saturday, both on and off the track. Until then, here are fashions from last year’s event:

(To see a video of preparations for this year’s event, click here)

  • John M

    awesome, racetrack beer sluts with hats

  • billbrady

    Julip………..Julip……..has anyone seen Julip?????????

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  • awlhattinokaddle

    Now day be Sylin wit BLING.

  • thephranc

    It use to be everyday people who came out and looked fabulous. Now it’s become a celebrity photo op. At least the Preakness is still for the common man in the infield where they are allowing booze back in after a massive drop in revelers and revenue.

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