Calling time-out in the blame game

But wait: a ray of hope in this sea of accusations and outrage, from the most unlikely source: Hollywood. “Mickey Rourke blames himself for his mistakes.” Unbelievable. In the U.K.’s Daily Record, Rourke said, “I would have enjoyed [my success] if I could have kept it the first time, but I let it go. I understand you pay the price if you’re not accountable or responsible or professional.” He’d better watch out. If he keeps talking like that he’ll never get a book deal or a slot on Oprah.

How about we try this: “no-blame” day.  Naomi Campbell can still throw a fit, or a cell phone (or both); Lindsay Lohan can still get trashed and thrown out of another nightclub somewhere; and liberals and conservatives can still throw verbal punches as they report on each other’s indiscretions. I’m not asking for miracles, here. I’m just saying that once a week, no one is allowed to assign blame to someone or something else for the news of the day.

Okay, so even that may not be possible. No one, save for Mr. Rourke apparently, appears to be able to comment on anything without assigning blame elsewhere.

At times like this, I turn to one of my favorite websites of all time, despair.com, for a moment of clarity.  And there it is. A poster that says it all; and no doubt a bestseller. Blame: the secret to success is knowing who to blame for your failures.

Renee James writes social commentary and keeps track of the things that mystify her on her blog: It’s not me, it’s you, found at reneeaj.blogspot.com. Her email address is [email protected].