Crist refuses to refund campaign donations, Rubio camp outraged

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist announced today that he will not refund donations he received from Republican voters before he left the GOP in his bid for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat.

“Our position is that people donated to a good cause and we intend to spend it on a good cause,” Michelle Todd, an adviser to the Crist campaign, said.

The announcement contradicts statements the Crist campaign has made to several newspapers, including the Miami Herald and St. Petersburg Times. In both publications, the campaign said it would issue “pro-rated refunds” because Crist had already spent some of the money.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, Crist said:

I’ll probably give it back to them. It’s not that big a deal. What really matters is that we’re able to communicate our message. And being able to talk to you today gives me that opportunity, but there’ll be other opportunities as well. And I’m not afraid of that. I really am not.

Now, though, Crist said he’s not giving anything back. GOP candidate Marco Rubio’s campaign is outraged.

“Republicans in Florida have written letters to the Crist campaign asking for their donations back,” Alex Burgos, spokesperson for Rubio’s campaign, said. “Originally, he was going to give them back now his campaign is quoted as saying it won’t.”

Crist is not legally obligated to refund the donations but Rubio’s campaign says it’s only fair if he does. Crist received most of those donations before there were even whispers about him leaving the GOP.

Crist has also, over the course of the 2009 fiscal year and through the first quarter of this fiscal year, accepted lobbyist donations in excess of $320,000. The biggest donations came from a group that represents several political organizations, The Fiorentino Group.

The Fiorentino Group, based in Ponte Vedra, Fla., donated a total of $173,700 to Crist’s campaign. Other lobbyist organizations include Tew Cardenas, LLP, Capital Strategies and BG&R group.

Tew Cardenas donated $71,074, Capital Strategies donated $50,700 and BG&R Group donated $25,450.

“The Crist campaign has no comment on why someone donated to the campaign,” Todd said in reference to the lobbyist donations.

The Fiorentino Group did not return phone calls for comment.

Rubio’s campaign condemns Crist for seeking out and accepting the large lobbyist donations, saying it has gotten most of its donations from individual donors.

“From the very start, Charlie Crist has been fueled by lobbyists and special interest groups that have put business ahead of the State of Florida,” Burgos said. “Marco’s support has come from the grassroots and Republicans across Florida and the country who recognize the stakes in this race.”

Burgos said Rubio’s donations have come primarily from individuals, not businesses. In the last fiscal fundraising quarter, Burgos said Rubio’s campaign had more than 50,000 individual donors.

  • JaxGator

    This article has multiple fact errors. For one, no company or corporation can donate to a candidate for the U.S. Senate. Only individuals and PACs can. So that would preclude any lobbying firm mentioned in this story from having donated to Crist. Second, what these firms did was hold fundraisers for him, and they bundled several legal, individual contributions. Also, The Fiorentino Group in is downtown Jacksonville, not Ponte Vedra Beach, which is more than 15 miles southeast of Jacksonville. That’s like reporting a company is based in Fairfax when it is actually based in DC. This is horrible reporting, Mr. Boyle. Get your facts straight.

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  • monkeybird

    Crist is a cheat – pure and simple. His personal pursuit of power knows no limits. His political career is OVER.

  • rfpzzzzz

    Sounds like the kind of guy you want watching after the country’s money. He will make a great Dem.

  • mikeyh0

    Why do we need Senators again? They seem determined to pass laws that bankrupt the country.They don’t represent what the majority of Americans want. They are always running, cajoling money from people with promises they hardly ever keep, and generally being small-minded little dictators. Who says we have to send Senators to Washington? Why not stop it?

  • gringott

    Good bye Crist don’t let the party hit you in your a## on the way out.