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Seth MacFarlane is alive because he missed his flight on 9/11

True fact. He would’ve been on American Flight 11 except he was all partied out. And thank goodness he was too hung over that morning to get to the airport on time, or we’d have missed out on the past decade of such ribtickling comedy as last night’s episode of Family Guy. Here’s the super-hilarious part, as recounted by Mediaite:

On a search to find the source of all dirty jokes (which eventually leads them to Virginia) Peter, Quagmire, and Joe pass through Washington, DC where they see the Washington Monument, the Obama Monument (it’s black) and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This is the part that is going to ruffle some feathers. Standing in front of the Memorial are two Vietnam Vets and a Vietnamese man who calls the Memorial a “scoreboard” and says “aw, what happened to your friends? Hey I know that guy, I killed him, he cried like a bitch. Vietnam! Undefeated!”


It’s about time somebody took those Vietnam vets to task. They’ve gotten a free ride for way too long. Somebody had to take them down a peg, and MacFarlane, who is really funny and not at all a terrible human being, is just the guy to do it.

Hey, here’s another good one: It’s too bad Seth MacFarlane didn’t die horribly in the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history! LOL! See what I did there? Come on, laugh!

  • murrayfinkleman

    So he has a timely life-altering bender and… Dabbles in decidedly small beer afterwards. Almost as much of a shock as a c*nty guy writing c*nty jokes for a usually c*nty cartoon.

    Look. Any idiot can do “screechy.” Why not a little subtlety?


  • zelda

    (If I may psychoanalyze for a moment) I’m afraid that men who join the military cause Mr. McFarlane anxiety about his own status as a man. He’s nearly taken out by a couple of third world psychopaths on 9/11, and he has to rely on other (better) men to avenge his near death/protect him. But he lashes out in such a way that it makes me think he has many physical shortcomings.

    • killtruck

      And in his case short comings could be 2 words. IYKWIMAITYD.

      • zelda

        I think you’re right.

      • jsminch


        You know how to hurt a guy.

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  • homebiscuit

    I could be wrong, but something tells me that Seth McFarlane is one of these guys that revels in laying the derision on other folks, but is verrrry sensitive about any perceived insult against him and his.

    • jic1

      I think the phrase you are looking for is ‘he can dish it out, but he can’t take it’.

  • kensington

    But if MacFarlane had died on 9/11 who would be spearheading the “HA HA PALIN’S KID’S A RETARD!” efforts? Kos commenters aren’t going to get the job done on their own.

  • motionview

    I’m glad he missed his flight, I’d hate to have mixed emotions over 9/11.

  • matedeirdre

    Thats not Edgy, thats just mean.

  • johanna

    I’ve always been a South Park gal myself.

  • killtruck

    Even for MacFarlane… I haven’t watched Family Guy since before they cancelled it after the first season (or whatever it was that happened there), but my husband does. After he sees this I’ll never have to watch it again. Pure genius MacFarlane!

    MacFarlane is like Trey Parker and Matt Stone without any of the qualities that make people love Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

  • slavedog

    So “Family Guy” really is a cartoon about Robert Gibbs.