PC media propaganda very much alive in gay murder coverage

The larger question is: When will reporters and the mainstream media begin to broach the difficult and politically incorrect questions that surround these types of murder. In the larger world, the powerful voice of society often speaks to individual violators of cultural norms. It shames them. It punishes them. It speaks with prison sentences, with editorials, with sermons at church, with new laws, with rallies and slogans. It speaks in a million different ways with the purpose of keeping the culture functioning, growing, of literally keeping people alive. For the gay rights movement to truly come of age and mature, to advance beyond its selfish motives, its must be a truth teller. It must be an activist even when it stands to lose from the truth, not just when it stands to gain from it.

There are courageous gay men who’ve done this is the past. One is them is Gabriel Rotello, who wrote the book, “ Sexual Ecology.” In it, he puts the blame for the rapid spread of the HIV epidemic in the 1980s squarely where it belonged: on gay behavior, coupled with the natural, reliable and predictable behavior of microscopic organisms. To paraphrase one remarkable passage in his book, he describes how in the mid-1980s in a particular neighborhood of New York City, public health officials became alarmed at an outbreak of a peculiar stomach sickness that caused terrible diarrhea and vomiting in numbers never seen before. There were quiet fears among those officials that the city’s water supplies had been poisoned or some how compromised with bacteria. But all the victims were gay men. Meticulous detective work by the Health Department ultimately revealed the cause of the stomach bug was the prevalence of analingus in the neighborhood’s gay community.

Because Rotello was a gay man, not some Bible thumper or conservative ideologue, the gay rights movement did not immediately disparage his book. His book was full of admonitions. He wrote that microbes are opportunists. They take full advantage of their environment. And if their environment is a bathhouse, where men with weakened immune systems from hard partying and multiple rendezvous’ with other men during sleepless nights, the microbe will thrive. The bathhouses, the movie theatres, and gay clubs were veritable Petrie dishes for the spread of the virus. Rotello’s motive in shedding light on all this was not to shame gay men about their behavior, it was to save lives.

Similarly, There are four gay men who are now blogging about the Robert Wone murder trial. (I assume they are gay, their bio describes the four as “friends, partners, and exes.”) Craig Brownstein, David Greer, Michael Kremin and Doug Johnson are doing a brilliant job documenting the events and circumstances of Wone’s killing in the blog, whomurderedrobertwone.com.
They appear to be including all information that comes their way—from autopsy reports, to neighborhood innuendo, no matter how unflattering, or politically incorrect it may be. Like Rotello, they’re shedding a disinfectant light on an environment where death happened. And like Rotello, their honest work may help to save lives.

Anchorman a well-known news anchor from a top-10, big-city station. The Daily Caller has elected to redact his identity to protect his anonymity.