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Want to watch the oil spill?

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Our own Jon Ward is liveblogging from Obama’s press conference(!) on the spill and why it’s everybody’s else’s fault. Did you know Obama has been in a bunch of meetings about it? You didn’t, did you? Alright then.

P.S. Jim Geraghty: “Today President Obama said that stopping the oil spill has been his ‘highest priority.’ He seems to have a lot of top priorities; he’s identified several since the initial explosion on the oil rig April 20…” Check ’em out here.

P.P.S. Helen Thomas asked a question and then put a curse on the village cow.

P.P.P.S. From Ward’s liveblog, a reminder that no matter the problem, the President of the United States wants to remind us what a hassle it is for him: “Obama closed with a story about his daughter Malia asking him this morning while he shaved: ‘Did you plug the hole yet Daddy?'” If he was expecting a laugh from the press, guess those days are over.

P.P.P.P.S. When asked his opinion of the various boycotts against Arizona, Obama said: “I am the President of the United States. I don’t endorse boycotts, or not endorse boycotts.” There are all sorts of things the President of the United States isn’t supposed to do, but he does them anyway.

  • erick1740

    helen thomas… village cow… now that is funny. I did not know she could do voodoo. whodoo?

  • killtruck

    Top Kill sounds like a Steven Segal movie.

    • Jim Treacher

      Or a show on the Discovery Channel.

      • killtruck

        Mike Rowe is en route as we speak.

  • motionview

    Thought bubble inside The One’s head: Uh oh, they are actually starting to press me. Who’s is the biggest loser reporter out there (tough contest), guaranteed to ask some goofball question completely unrelated to my terrible performance on this spill? Somebody de-fibrillate Helen Thomas! Afghanistan. Beautiful, thanks Helen, I really appreciate it. We are going to keep you in that seat, recently deceased or not.

  • mojo

    Lemme guess: A lot of “I”‘s talking about the plug, lots of “BP”‘s when talking about the last month.