New Washington state ‘sin taxes’ hike prices of beer, bottled water, candy

Quenching your thirst, or satisfying your sweet tooth is going to be more expensive starting Tuesday. New taxes are going into effect on bottled water, candy, gum and beer.

The tax on bottled water, candy, and gum will be whatever your local sales tax rate is, while for most six-packs of beer, the added cost will be about 28 cents.

But it’s more complicated than that.

The legislature exempted microbrews from the new tax to protect local jobs, so you’re looking at paying more for just the big names like Budweiser and Coors.

Full story: CANDY TAXES: New taxes on bottled water, candy, gum and beer go into effect in Washington State June 1st – KCPQ

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  • oeno

    The opposition to the sugar tax has always baffled me for precisely this reason. We make smokers and drinkers pay a “sin tax”, despite the fact that the health benefits of wine have been shown over and over again. You are better off drinking Cabernet than you are Coke.