Anchor accuses own network of ’embarrassing’ bias in Israel coverage

What you’ re about to read is perfectly true.  I came within a butterfly fart of firing this memo off to my boss this morning in a fit of real rage. But my wife, yet again, intervened.

“You’ve been whining like this for ten years. Just go get a new job,” she said.

“Don’t send that memo!”

She’s right.

I agreed not to push the send button, but only if she let me send the memo to The Daily Caller, minus the names.  I hate writing anonymously. Readers who’ve criticized me for it are totally justified. One of these days I’ll reveal myself to readers of The Daily Caller, but until that new job comes, or I’m fired, which is increasingly likely,  I don’t want to have to pull my kids out of college because of their father’s selfishness. Here’s the memo that I want to send but — under great duress – can’t.

Dear XXXX,

I’m writing for some clarification about how we are supposed to cover the Gaza flotilla story. If we, as a news organization, are supposed to be acting as a public relations arm of Hamas, or Hezbollah, both internationally recognized terrorist organizations,  or if we are supposed to be  jumping on the bandwagon of 1930’s style anti-Semitism that’s presently sweeping much of the world, then we are doing a fine job. If we are supposed to be acting as a news organization that covers the story objectively, then our coverage is a travesty and an embarrassment.

I just finished watching XXXX’s  piece on yesterday’s 5pm newscast, so I could better understand the grotesquely distorted and biased voice-over that ran on this morning’s show.  XXXX interviewed former diplomat Edward Peck, who was onboard the “Gaza Flotilla,” without describing his views on the Middle East. Some perspective would have helped. Among other things, Peck spoke these words, later famously used by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright:”We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye…and now we are indignant, because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought back into our own front yards.”

Peck is deeply controversial in other ways. But no mention was made  in XXXX’s story of anything that might cast the slightest doubt on Pecks political motivations.

In addition, remarkably, her piece made no mention  — absolutely none — of the Israeli perspective in this story. For example:

The widely aired (though not here) video that clearly shows an IDF soldier being tossed over a railing, and others being beaten with sticks, was omitted.

The fact that  bullet proof vests and night vision goggles were found among the “humanitarian aid” on the ship was omitted.

IDF video of confiscated knives and metal bars that were apparently used as weapons was omitted.

Information that Israeli soldiers were also wounded and injured was omitted.

Moreover, her piece included no background whatsoever on why Israel’s interception (“attack” as we called it ) of the flotilla would likely have passed muster in any court outside the thug-ridden United Nations.

Nor did viewers get any background about the three-year-old blockade of Gaza, facts such as:

It’s purpose, which is to prevent the shipment of longer-range, more powerful missiles that only ships can carry. Thousands of Hamas rockets are presently pointed at various Israeli cities, towns and schoolyards; the Israeli government estimates that Hamas continues to smuggle tons of explosives per month into Gaza, mostly through tunnels. In the last few years, more than 2,700 rockets have rained down from Gaza on the civilian population of southern Israel.

In 2005, Israel ordered about 8,500 Jewish settlers to evacuate 21 settlements in Gaza, land occupied since the Six-Day War of 1967. Reluctant and emotionally-torn IDF soldiers had to literally pry people from their family homes.  That same land in the year 2010, is now occupied by Hamas training camps.

Gaza is a strategically located port, control of which would complete the encirclement of Israel by it’s sworn enemies, including Hamas and Hezbollah – the latter, of course, being a client of Iran, which is close to acquiring nuclear capability and has threatened repeatedly to wipe Israel off the map.

These are among the perspectives  that were left out of our story.

With all due respect XXXX,  I find our coverage of this an abomination. I feel like I want to wash the slime off me when I get off work.  I’m embarrassed by our coverage.  I take this job and my reputation seriously. But that’s nearly impossible with coverage like this. I hope you’ll respond.


  • gmroper

    Dear Anchormn, given the current economic situation, I almost can understand where you are coming from regarding holding back because of your job. However, consider the hypocrisy of standing by while innocent Israeli’s are being subjected to rockets and unrelenting warfare by a group dedicated to their eradication. And your job, your frigging job is more important? You are asking for others to be upstanding, but aren’t willing to do the same yourself. Sad, really sad Anchorman.

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  • philm1

    I don’t believe this story for one second. It’s BS, a load of Pelosi.

  • independentvoter

    I have to say “everyone needs to eat” therefore somewhere somehow we find ourselves keeping our mouths shut and just doing our job… what we need is someone to offer this man a job so he can say out load under his own name what the TRUTH is…it’s time the people heard the emperor has NO CLOTHES on MSM.. must be why everyone is watching Fox that can afford cable.. however, in saying this one must realize that Obama needs those without being able to afford cable or he would have NO supporters since they only hear MSM PROPAGANDA.. feel sorry for the poor they truly don’t know what the truth is..

  • clw

    “What you’re about to read is perfectly true” my a$$. Anyone can say that anonymously.

  • clw

    To Bimbo, Boone Cty, and d1: Admittedly I’m a newb here, but I need to ask you a question: What is to keep me and 3 or 4 of my closest conservative friends/relatives from picking avatars and anonymous tags (and I guess Boone County Girl is on your birth cert since you’re against anonymous posters), and pretending to be some kind of insiders who have the ‘scoop’ from some special ‘anchorman’ who is in such an important position that no intelligent person can even figure out who he is. SUCH an important position that he will never find an equivalent job in his industry. None of this passes the smell test. I abhor a poser, whether conservative or liberal. First of all, where are all the usual liberal bomb-throwers to call you out?! Second, since when doesn’t a REAL journalist JUMP at the chance to expose this kind of thing (OPENLY)? Third, how can you hide behind your (to date) equally fictitious wife, blaming HER for your gutlessness, when your story opens with how she tells you to quit complaining and get another job?! So next are we going to see a byline out on the liberal blogs which show that Des and Scorp have perpetrated a dumb hoax on the DC and they were so stupid that they bit? Sorry people, but I am all for anonymity when it comes to posters who give general comments, and don’t want their views to be colored by people who immediately form opinions based on race, gender, or even surname! But anonynomous ‘anchormen’ who are given room for entire columns, are defended by a select # of anonymous ‘anchorman’ groupies, (who criticize anonymous posters, yet ARE anonynous posters), this is all, well, just a little too lame for what I thought was a pretty good website at first. Just another wake-up call for me, as an Independent, and a person with an actual BRAIN, that even on conservative websites there are people who really need to be called out.

    • clw

      …didn’t mean to exclude Babylonandon who also appears to support the anonymous ‘anchorman’.

    • clw

      Yeesh. “…show that Des and Scorp” Make that DON and Scorp.

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  • sunnyr

    Fox News is the only place you will get the REAL story, complete with Video’s. The MSM are SLUGS with an agenda. They will soon all be gone. RIP, vermin!