Segregated clubs in Kentucky raise issues for private business, civil rights law

LOUISVILLE — The push to integrate Kentucky’s private social clubs, whose members clung to old notions of Southern white privilege for decades after the end of Jim Crow, began in the early 1990s with a lone, quiet protest: At lunchtime on days when the weather was nice, a black preacher and civil rights activist named Louis Coleman would put up a folding card table in front of one of the many unofficially restricted clubs here; set it with a tablecloth, china and candles; and dine on buns and lemonade.

Coleman died in 2008, but his efforts drew the attention of the state’s Commission on Human Rights, which opened a decade-long inquiry into Kentucky’s country clubs and men-only dining societies.

A 2004 state Supreme Court ruling pushed Kentucky’s remaining segregated clubs to stop the discrimination or risk losing tax deductions. Still, at least one club held out until late last year.

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  • FreedomRocket

    When did freedom of association become a crime. I’d simply prefer to be around people with whom I share a commonality. Why should I have to pretend I’m interested in equality. I push as fast as I can, they push as fast as they can. If they catch me, They’re equal. If they pass me, even better. But it doesn’t mean I have to hang around with people I have nothing in common with and hear about how if someone is poor, it’s all my fault. It’s a safe bet that blacks and hispanics, if they do like to hang around white folks, it’s because we aren’t constantly whinning about how unfair the world is. We just get on with our own lives. Face facts, there’s a reason you won’t walk through tijuana alone after dark. It’s because they’ll kill you. So if there’s a club you can’t join, go build you’re own. You can feel free to keep them out in return. The fact that someone has a club doesn’t make you entitle to join. And that’s what all this is about. Entitlement. In light of the fact you guys have black history month, the naacp, united negro college fund etc., you’ve got a hell of a nerve bringing this up. We are not required to assimilate to your culture. It would be nice if you could live your lives and quit whinning all the time, as the rest of us do. We don’t have some secret handshake and conspiracy, and we don’t vote based on skin color,as 92 percent of you do. We’d all like you better if you’d quit gripping about the unfairness of it all and leave us the hell alone.

    • gatortarian

      The fact is they are allowed to to what they are doing. The only punishment is loss of tax exemptions, another point for the Fair Tax if you ask me.

  • seekingtounderstand

    Visit any public high school and the kids still sit with kids who look like them at lunch. Time to face facts and stop trying to use social justice as a way to take from others what you don’t have.