Tories condemn ‘anti-BP’ Obama: Gulf oil rhetoric is ‘bigoted against Britain’

David Cameron has bowed to pressure to intervene in the growing row over the BP oil spill crisis and will talk to Barack Obama this weekend, Downing Street said today.

The Prime Minister, who is currently in Kabul, has been under increasing pressure to defend the British-based multinational after a series of outspoken attacks by the U.S. President.

Boris Johnson raised the stakes today by accusing Mr Obama of ‘buck-passing’ and ‘beating up’ the oil giant which he insisted was paying a ‘very, very, heavy price’ for what had been an accident.

Lord Tebbit, a former trade and industry secretary, also suggested Mr Obama was attacking the company to distract from his own administration’s impotence in the face of the disaster.

Experts also claim the U.S. President has ‘his boot on the throat’ of British pensioners because BP is such a major contributor to UK pension schemes.

Full Story: Lord Tebbit condemns ‘anti-BP’ Obama: Gulf oil rhetoric is ‘bigoted against Britain’ | Mail Online

  • godgnsguts

    Look at any pic of obama lately, he just looks like an angry chimp any more … the job was too much for you chump!

    Seen that video of the TWO FACED kitten? The Dems are talking about adopting it as the new party mascot =)

  • desmo1121

    Hang on UK, we are trying to get our conservatives back in too. We are sick of these socialist destroying our country!

  • erick1740

    Obama is such an idiot, everything he does causes this country damage. He does nothing to help with the oil clean up, but manages to destroy our relationship with the UK. What a worthless moron.

  • ojfl

    I guess it will take some time for the special relationship to be healed now.

  • Momma M

    Oh, and the gloves are OFF. A staunch-conservative vs. a liberal progressive.