Tea Party groups call for sponsors to drop Hardball following Chris Matthew’s ‘left-wing hit piece’

A coalition of Tea Party groups is slamming MSNBC’s Chris Matthews for his “left-wing propaganda hit piece” documentary on the Tea Party movement and is calling on sponsors to drop his show.

MSNBC aired “The Rise of the New Right,” hosted by Matthews, Wednesday night.

The National Tea Party Federation, a broad coalition of Tea Party groups that offer rapid response to attacks on the movement, condemned the documentary as “journalism at its worst” whose “purpose was to demonize and misrepresent.”

“Chris Matthews and MSNBC have just delivered one of the most dishonest pieces of propaganda posing as journalism in American broadcast and cable television history,” said National Tea Party Coalition co-founder Michael Patrick Leahy.

Activists say Matthews selectively portrayed groups and individuals in the program in a bad light. “The Tea Party movement I know looks nothing like the one portrayed on MSNBC,” said FreedomWorks grassroots director Brendan Steinhauser. “It is made up of good, hardworking, honest, smart people who love their country. It is a movement that reflects the best in America.”

Steinhauser suggested in an email to The Daily Caller that MSNBC will continue to hear protests from FreedomWorks. “In the days to come we will be rolling out the different pieces of our long-term campaign to make them pay for subsidizing this left-wing propaganda attack,” he said.

TeaParty365’s David Webb said that because Matthews “is a far-left commentator” he is “not a journalist and therefore should not be held to or credited with the same standards.”

The National Tea Party Federation is calling for tea party supporters to contact the sponsors of Hardball and ask them to pull their commercials from this show, something Mark Skoda of the Memphis TEA Party is encouraging.

“Chris Matthews continued to promote the racism narrative, suggested the prospect of violent behavior by activists and promulgated the idea that the conservative movement is somehow un-American,” Skoda said. “We will encourage our coalition and Tea Party people everywhere to make their voices heard at MSNBC and to their sponsors.”

The Daily Caller has been unable to reach representatives at MSNBC for comment.


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  • Anonymous

    sometimes the truth hurts.  If you really look into the agendas of the people who you call leaders and see what their agenda really is you might be in for a shock.  Realizing that you are being used as puppets for big business and you are voting against your won best interests.  Money is the root of all evil and money in politics is not working for the average man and it is happening on both the left and the right and we end up being the losers.  I do not care who are national leaders are in government be it Democrat or Republican as long as they are honest and puts the needs of this country first.  I do not want my politician to be brought and pid for.  So follow the money and who is paying who and then you will know you will serve the people and who will serve big business or the rich.  Keep an open mind and research these people that you seem to want to follow.  Look at both sides and come up with your own conclusions.  Be a true individual and don’t be diverted from what is rally going on.  It is all a shell game now and it is on both sides.  

  • Anonymous

    I am neither a Democrat or a Republican, I am an Independent.  I also believe in God and believe that Jesus died for my sins.  I try my best to follow the teachings of Jesus and I definitely follow the Golden Rule.  What I do not understand is how people twist the true teaching of Jesus to fit their own agendas.  God is about love, peace and tolerance.  Jesus tells us that we are all God’s children. I read from the King James Bible and it tells the story of the Good Samaritan, it also says judge not least you be judged, it also speaks about you not being the one to throw the first stone.  So why is it that if you all call yourselves Christians or children of God why is it that you can not follow the very basic teachings of Jesus?  God gave man the most freedom of all that we all should consider and that is that he gave us free will and now it is up to us as what we do with it.  Jesus loved us all and died for us all why can we not honor that.  His one commandment is for us not to bear false witness, in other words don’t lie.  That also means not to distort the truth.  This would be a much better world if we all just followed the teachings of Jesus.  On your day of judgement you will stand before him alone to answer for your sins, you will not have the left or the right news media to blame for your actions.  God gave you one life to live an that is your an your alone you do not have the right to judge another and how he may live his life.  If we all just lived up to the Lords teaching what a world this would be.  Just take a look at your own life and ask yourself what are you doing to make this a better world?  What are you doing for the poor, for the sick for the those who have the least.  Both the left and the right media stations puts forth their own agenda.  I don listen to both because I think it is important to hear both sides. I do a lot of reading and then I use my own common sense and come up with my own conclusions.  I will never follow anyone or anything without kneeing the true facts and I don’t depend on just one media I do research.  I look into the people who call themselves leaders, I want to know exactly who they are, what they invest in and what they really believe.  They too usually have their own agenda.  I refuse to be a puppet or a mouth peace for anyone.  Most of all I follow the Lords teachings and I can except people for people because we ar all Gods children.  The truth will set you free

  • truebearing

    Isn’t it strange that, with his keen awareness of all things Fascist, he hasn’t noticed Obama’s frequent use of Nazi tactics? And, as is typical of the left, he accuses others, in this case the Tea Party, of what he and his fellow lying left are guilty of, chronically. The left uses violence, lying, character assassination, assassination, and every reprehensible trick in the book to gain political power, but with obssessive righteous indignation, label others as perpetrators of the same. Is it that they are defending their turf and resent copy cats, or is it that they are using moral ju-jitsu? Probably both. Using an opponents weight and momentum to throw him is exactly what leftists do to destroy a country, or a religion. The left uses the Judeo-Christian moral code as a way of making people feel guilty, which makes them less inclined to fight for their beliefs. It makes people embarrassed and wanting to prove that they aren’t racist, or greedy, etc. In short, it puts people on the defensive. That is also what Matthews is doing, rather poorly.

    BTW, the left uses aspects of our constitution to attack our constitution. Same tactic as using morals to attack moral people. The ACLU uses our money to destroy us. That is same way all parasites work. All forms of Marxism are essentially parasitic and destructive, which is why Leftist regimes should have a special designation: mortacracy.

    Naturally they want to smear the Tea Party. It’s all they are really good at.

  • Bring_The_Pane

    All anyone has to do to debunk all of this garbage is talk to the police. Every interview I’ve seen and read from a police officer working detail at a Tea Party protest says they are the most well behaved protesters they have ever seen.

    Someone needs to produce a documentary comparing and contrasting Tea Party events with left-wing “activism,” complete with police accounts. That would forever put to rest the wacked out, hyper-partisan conspiracies like No Balls Crosy Matthews.

  • Hex

    Yeah, the title of the documentary sounds like a “nazi euphemism”, and I believe deliberately so. Matthews is an A-1 a$$ ki$$er for the moronic left!

    • Thriller

      Feel a kinship…

  • mikeyh0

    I don’t watch this guy. If you do, maybe you shouldn’t. But he is often quoted on many websites – Breitbart, et al. That is the only time I hear what he’s saying. And it’s too much at that. I don’t know who sponsors him and I don’t care. 400,000 watchers and half of them are conservatives looking for a sound bite to pounce on and pontificate about on the aforementioned websites. If you want him to go away, stop listening to him. Duh!

  • emem

    Nielsen rankings show Chris managed to get his rating above his normal 400K viewers by using the Tea Party. Did anyone really think he would rise to the challenge of pure journalism? He is back to being irrelevant in politics outside of the beltway.

    • anniebanannie

      Kinda nice of Congressman Barton to knock it off the news cycle, eh? hehe…instead we are now seeing the words “Obama” “shakedown” “slush fund” crawl across the bottom of the screen every 10 minutes.

  • bassboat

    The Tea Party should not go after the sponsors directly but indirectly. They should encourage Tea Party people to write a real letter to the sponsors citing their concerns.