Mid-term elections have nothing to do with 9/11 trial delay, Holder says

Attorney General Eric Holder said the decision over where to hold the trial for alleged 9/11 plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was “weeks away” — three months ago.

Now advocates on both sides of the issue say they expect the Obama administration to punt the decision until after the November midterm elections— when the controversial plan could do less damage to the political fortunes of endangered Democrats and might face less resistance on Capitol Hill.

Holder last week explicitly denied the midterms had anything to do with the timing but would only say discussions are continuing. The White House had no comment.

Any further stalling could pose a serious political problem for President Barack Obama on the left – where advocates cheered his administration’s plan to break from the Bush administration and give top al-Qaida figures trials in American courtrooms, a sign to the country and the world that U.S.-style justice was enough to try to men accused of the worst crimes in the nation’s history.

Full story: Midterms may delay 9/11 trial, some say – Politico

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  • wf922

    Not surprising, sure Pelosi and Reid made the call and begged Obama to put a leash on his pit bull Holder for fear of even greater losses come Nov. I just wonder where are all those who were yelling that Bush politicized the Justice Dept. The silence is deafening.

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  • Amazingoly

    Well, this is laughable – if it is NOT political then, what is it? What about Gitmo? Eric Holder, everything you have done or not done, has been political and everyone knows it. Nice try.

  • misanthropicus

    Still, I love how Obama and Holder and their lefty ilk have painted themselves in a corner –
    Ok, so they won’t move to trial before November in order to keep the issue away –
    Fine, so they’ll do after November? Is that any batter than before November?
    I doubt it, because the November elections will anyway weaken the Dems, so the teros trial after that, will damage them further –

    Hehehe – and what about Arizona? Will Holder make a move before July 16th?
    Nope – Hillary just dropped this idea, either to embarrass Obama home, or to… heck, silly me!
    Anyway, a pleasant configuration of events for a conservative –