Sarah Palin tweets ‘Rahm, you lie’ after chief of staff’s comments on ABC

Sarah Palin called White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel a liar on Twitter yesterday, saying his comments on ABC’s “This Week” make him shallow, narrow-minded, political and irresponsible.

The former governor of Alaska is apparently outraged over Emanuel telling ABC’s Jake Tapper on Sunday that Republican Rep. Joe Barton’s apology last week to BP was not a slip of the tongue, but a reflection of the “philosophy” of the Republican Party. (WATCH THE COMMENTS)

“That’s not a political gaffe, those are prepared remarks,” Emanuel said. “That is a philosophy.”

Emanuel added: “They see the aggrieved party here as BP, not the fishermen and the communities down there affected.”

Palin tweeted Sunday afternoon that, “RahmEmanuel= as shallow/narrowminded/political/irresponsible as they come, to falsely claim Barton’s BP comment is ‘GOP philosophy’ Rahm,u lie.” (READ PALIN’S TWITTER FEED)

Barton retracted his “apology” to BP last week after an outcry from both Republicans and Democrats.

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  • truebearing

    Sarah made a mistake when she tweeted “u lie”, she should have tweeted “you do nothing but lie, constantly, you worthless weasel”.*

    *anyone who criticizes this post is endorsing lying scumbags, admitting that they engage in, and support lying, and willingly admit that they are moral reprobates.

    Enter the idiots…..

  • grayzel

    Rahm Emanuel also said three time that “they” were telling B.P. what to do and overruling B.P. decisions. The Obama Regime now owns this mess.

  • star

    Someone has to call Rahm Emanuel out for his comments because the media doesn’t.

  • TxGold

    Shallow/narrowminded/political/irresponsible? She just described this entire administration and she’s right as usual.

  • unkeeaf

    She’s not afraid to go after those on the Left. I guess she figures that can’t do anymore to her than they’ve already done, so what the heck. I like it.


    Obama’s Presidency summed up in a photo:

  • Lars Svensen

    Sarah gave Rahm a Twitter spanking. She is very strict.

  • thephranc

    Notice the dishonest trolls lack of substance and instead delivers crass and sexist remarks that attack Palin.

    • toddthesofaking

      “if you cannot answer a man’s arguments, do not panic. You can always call him names.”

    • scorpioman

      For your reading pleaseure, I’m reposting info you seem to be able to honestly ignore or just won’t read. The Alaskan legislature not only failed Alaskans but miserably failed our country when it comes to Sarah Palin. The Branchflower report found Sarah abused her power by violating section 39.52.110 (a). No other state in the union has ever found their Governor guilty of abusing their power, without impeachment or at the very least, sanctions against them. The Attorney General’s office failed to comply with the August 6th 2008 request for information from Sarah about the case. Was that request ever complied with? Did the Alaskan legislature ever follow through on that? Representative Les Gara has said that “there was no political will” too take any action against Palin after this lengthy, costly investigation, resulting in the Branchflower Report. In other words, they found Palin guilty, but simply couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it. Shame probably kept them from acting, hoping she would just go away but nothing can stop her now. She’s a blooming idiot.

      • jonavark

        Scorpio.. you’re talking out your ass again. When you reprint word for word from the Huffers website.. AT LEAST acknowledge that. I was pretty sure when I saw this paragraph that it did NOT come from your empty skull..

        Here’s the link for the rest of you.

        From yet another lying ugly left woman who is jealous of Palin. God .. this is too damn easy.

        • jonavark

          One good thing about HUffers though. The all coagulate in one place so it is very easy to get a laugh every morning from the posts of illiterate lower life forms. Though I don’t think people under the age of ten should even be posting about politics. There’s playgrounds and trikes and big wheels and squirt guns and ice cream out there for all of you. Now GET OUT AND PLAY.

          • scorpioman

            Youngins interested in politics grow up to be voters… you can call me Martha if it makes yo feel better.

          • jonavark

            Yes. The only problem is.. they’re easy to fool and they can vote before they actually grow up. Like you.

        • scorpioman

          Ignoring content is what republicans do best.

      • anniebanannie

        So, you stole this paragraph from another writer without given credit, cut and paste what you think is a damning factual paragraph, when in actuality, it’s merely an opinion, and then accuse Republicans of “ignoring content”. You’re getting less sensible every day.

        • jonavark

          Sqaurepio is a perfect example of Huffer’s brainwashing. They’re here with little or no real facts, just a jealous hatred of Sarah Palin. Like their ugly stepmom, Arianna Huff-n-Puff, they are running on fumes. As soon as you point that out they cower in a corner shouting and calling names.

          When you read the complete and total stupidity that exists on Huffers you can see how these people might have a tough time trying to get along here. Read Squarepio’s posts there.. just as stupid as they are here.

          Susan Gessford is another Huffer’s airhead. Her writings on Huffers are just as stupid and trite as they are here.. except that kind of mindless boring stupidity is welcome on America’s best lefty libtard hatesite.

          Nice Try Susan. Come back so we can toss you around a little more. There aren’t as many of us here as lemmings at Huffers but we can certainly shut you down so easily, as we have here.

          • scorpioman

            Funny, I started blogging here. When you all suggested I visit Arianna and Markos because you thought I’d be happier somewhere else, I came back. Aren’t you glad?

          • jonavark

            Yes. I am glad Squorp. Although when you enter these conversations it dumbs the entire thread down and it becomes all about you. I diagnosed that problem in an earlier post. You can see a doctor for that, or get an education.

            Kids say the darndest things.

          • scorpioman

            It’s all about me because you dirtbags are more interested in me than you are the subject at hand. Why are you ignoring these facts I’ve posted concerning what a sad state of affairs Sarah left Alaska in? It was the highest debt burden of any state… a state with vast resources and fewer citizens than most other states… including a huge personal debt to the state. There was scandal after scandal including being found guilty for abuse of power. Todd was really the governor. As mayor in Wasilla their debt rose from 1 mil to 2 million yet she painted herself as a fiscal conservative with experience in finance. I doubt if she had been elected she could have done anything to help our financial situation and she wouldn’t be as rich as she is today. Obviously you can’t make as much cash being president as you can selling a book you didn’t write while toking down the highway in the back of a gas guzzling bus. Do I need to post this over and over before I get an answer>? Obviously.

          • jonavark

            Ahhh… our resident Human Vuvuzuela. Makes a lot of noise but doesn’t do anything for his team. You’re revealed yourself as an idiot. Any “fact” you _think_ you post (or re-post actually) are from the loons on the far left. In fact, you really didn’t post any facts at all.

            The REASON you are laughed at around here is because you are a fake. You are so obsessed with Palin that you ignore all the lies and BS coming from your friends in DC. Read your paragraph again Vuvu.. then tells us which actual facts exist in it.

            Kids.. they say the darndest things.

          • scorpioman

            One thing is for sure. You can NOT prove me wrong. There is no debate here. My post are going ignored.

          • anniebanannie

            I don’t know why I waste my time, but here goes:

            You’ve posted absolutely no proof of your claim. All it takes is for one leftwingnutblog to quote a figure,and the rest of you keep repeating it. Lower oil prices devastated Alaska’s predicted budget SET BY HER PREDECESSOR, and Palin actually proposed massive budget cuts. As far as Wasilla goes, the residents of Wasilla voted to build a sports complex while Palin was in office – hence the debt.

            Todd was actually the governor? Got any proof or are you just being stupid again?

            “There was scandal after scandal including being found guilty for abuse of power. ”

            Way to distort the truth — but that’s what happens when you copy and paste from Huffpoop instead of reading something yourself. Once again, you just prove you’re a liar. If you had any kind of shame at all….but you don’t, so you just keep on lying.

            Palin has won every “scandal” and every case brought against her. The Branchflower report shows the results of a partisan witch hunt where she was actually found innocent of the accusations originally against her. The “unethical” “findings” was merely the opinion of Branchflower and was NOT based on any law. He says so in his own report. Go read it.

            If you want to make such a big deal out of Alaska’s debt, which you have no facts to back yourself up, then why aren’t you griping about how the dirty democrats and Obama henchmen were running the state into debt by filing one worthless claim after another regarding Palin?

        • scorpioman

          Just sent you more facts you’ll probably ignore. Look up.

          • toddthesofaking

            “Facts” aren’t the same as “made-up crazy stuff inside your head”, dude. That’s why we ignore you. That, and the fact that you’re a loon.

          • scorpioman

            There’s a reason you’re ignoring my questions… It’s just so obvious. As if I’m not allowed to ask questions. Hypocrites. Not one of my questions has been answered.

          • jonavark

            vuvu.. you haven’t really asked any questions. You re-posted questions from some idiot Huffer and then posted a paragraph of your airheaded opinion. The only question you really asked was..
            “Do I need to post this over and over before I get an answer>?”

            You ramble on about Alaska being in such “trouble” COMPARED TO WHERE? California? Michigan? Ohio? R U NUTS?

            The rest is nonsense. If you had not proven yourself to be such an idiot on these blogs you might be taken more seriously. But you blew that, right out your “arse”

            Gee.. I have no idea why us “dirtbags” would rather scorn you than engage in some mock-discussion with you.

            Palin drives you nuts. That is a good thing.

      • scorpioman

        Notice I said up front I was reposting that info…