Obama Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan attacked guns, Hillary Clinton according to newly released e-mails

Newly released e-mails from the Clinton Library paint Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan as a brash and often creative political operative. As a lawyer and political adviser in the Clinton White House, Kagan often opined on touchy topics, including guns, race and Hillary Clinton’s official policy role as first lady.

In a 1996 e-mail to fellow adviser Dennis Burke, now a U.S. Attorney in Arizona, Kagan suggested ways to amend RICO laws to apply to so-called gun offenses.

“[I] don’t know if amending [RICO] to include gun offenses would be smart or stupid as a matter of politics — or as a matter of policy — but it definitely is an option,” Kagan wrote. Short for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, RICO was originally enacted in the 1970s to combat organized crime.

President Clinton’s 1999 crime bill incorporated Kagan’s recommendation. A fax from March 8, 1999 containing talking points and a description of Clinton’s proposal claimed the legislation “[a]dds a number of firearms offenses as predicates under the RICO statute.”

“Strongly opposed by Senate Republicans and the NRA,” the document noted.

Kagan didn’t shy away from contentious internal matters either, going so far as to question Hillary Clinton’s policy role as first lady. In response to a January 13, 1998, e-mail requesting feedback on a speech that Hillary Clinton was scheduled to give on race at Gaucher College in Baltimore, Kagan pulled no punches.

“I’m generally not in favor of the FLOTUS announcing policy unless it’s in one of her areas (e.g., child care),” Kagan wrote.

Not even reporters were spared from the ire of Kagan and her colleagues.

Jonathan Chait, a reporter at the New Republic, requested comment from Kagan on President Clinton’s “new domestic policy agenda.” Kagan forwarded the e-mail to her then-boss Bruce Reed, now the executive director of President Obama’s deficit commission, saying, “[Chait] made it sound as if the article will be very positive (but of course they all do, don’t they).”

“I’ll talk to him,” Reed wrote back.  “He occasionally writes for the American Prospect, so he’s another big-spender we’ve revived from the dead.”

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  • unkeeaf

    She’s a freaking marxist. What should we expect? Do we really think the most left-leaning President in our history is going to put a moderate on the Supreme Court? I should think not.


    Obama’s Presidency summed up in a photo: http://bit.ly/bbu9HZ

    • oeno

      I joked with a friend that Marxism is the new Fascism. This crap hasn’t become less tiresome by any stretch.

      • boodood

        a little study would show that marxism birthed fascism, they are two sides of the same coin. Fascism is often thought of, one dimensionally, as Nazi-ism alone when it was merely one particularly virulent and repulsive strain. Much more common is the Wilson/Mussolini type. Softer and gentler that style merely ‘improved’ everyone life at the expense of their personal, intellectual and economic freedoms. As with all command and control economies soon they are making too many kitchen knives while the people have no bread to cut, the bakers are blamed for the shortage even though they were given no coal to fire their ovens, it was sent to the knife makers and so it goes. As a short term policy though, fascism can be quite efficient in times of high stress on a population. We are simply in the period when the fascist leaders create the stress needed in a society to create the situation needed to enact thew fascist agenda, no doubt ‘for your own good’ and/or ‘for the children’

  • Kerrvillian

    Well, well. Wanting to use the less than constitutional RICO laws to apply to “certain gun offenses”.

    I’m certain that none of those would involve the armed invaders escorting their drug-laden human mules across the border. I certain that none of those would be applied to weapons obtained for the Black Panthers.

    I’m also certain that the enforcement of those laws would have a rise in the number of women and children executed by FBI snipers and people burned alive while the FBI held back the fire trucks.

    • oeno

      I have to agree that RICO has always been a stretch, but this memo doesn’t define “certain gun offenses”. To qualify for a RICO case it would have to be across state lines, etc. etc. You weaken your point with other garbage.

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