Washington Post reporter David Weigel resigns amid political e-mail revelations

Liberal Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein has disbanded the “Journolist,” an e-mail list-serv catering to liberal journalists, professors and think tank experts, after e-mails from one of its prominent members were made public yesterday.

That Journolist member, Washington Post reporter David Weigel, resigned Friday. E-mails disclosed by The Daily Caller showed he disparaged conservatives he covers for the Post and rooted for Democrats to succeed on key issues such as health-care reform.

Meanwhile, key conservative anti-tax group Americans for Tax Reform informed Weigel he would no longer be permitted to attend the group’s weekly off the record gathering of conservative activists. In e-mails revealed by The Daily Caller, Weigel told the roughly 400 members of Journolist what took place at one of ATR’s meetings.

In profanity-laced e-mails obtained by The Daily Caller, Weigel hoped top conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh would die, called Matt Drudge an “amoral shut-in” and heaped criticism on a range of other conservatives.

Reached late Thursday by phone, Weigel said: “My reporting, I think, stands for itself.”

“I’ve always been of the belief that you could have opinions and could report anyway … people aren’t usually asked to stand or fall on everything they’ve said in private.”

Some conservatives who had previously criticized Weigel for a series of remarks critics said displayed his deep disdain for his conservative subjects leaped to condemn Weigel for the e-mails reported by The Daily Caller.

Lachlan Markay of the site NewsBusters said the e-mails disclosed by The Daily Caller showed an apology Weigel gave Thursday for separate e-mails revealed by media blog FishbowlDC was insincere.

“The new e-mails also demonstrated that yesterday’s quasi-apology from Weigel was really not as sincere as he claimed. He said that he made some of his most offensive remarks at the end of a bad day. But these new e-mails show that there was really nothing unique about them, and that offensive remarks about conservatives really were nothing new or uncommon,” Markay said.

Other conservatives, often personal friends of Weigel, defended him.

The American Spectator’s Phillip Klein wrote, “This and other private comments by Weigel have contributed to the charge that he’s hostile toward conservatives and a standard-issue liberal, but I don’t think that’s accurate. I could just as easily report on private conversations in which he’s revealed a fondness for Ronald Reagan, a willingness to vote for Bobby Jindal as president and agreed that Van Jones should have been fired for his 9/11 trutherism.”

Numerous conservatives said Friday that Weigel’s coverage of them had been fair.

Klein, in a blog post, said he was disbanding Journolist because “insofar as the current version of Journolist has seen its archives become a weapon, and insofar as people’s careers are now at stake, it has to die.”

Klein founded Journolist in 2007, and the list-serv became a popular outlet for liberals to discuss politics off the record. Conservative critics had feared the discussions served as a means for liberals to coordinate their message to the public. Prominent members have included Paul Krugman of the New York Times; Ben Smith and Mike Allen of the Politico; Jeffrey Toobin of CNN and the New Yorker; Eric Alterman of the Nation, and Matthew Yglesias of the Center for American Progress

  • jonavark

    PLEASE DC!!! ENOUGH with the picture of the young ZIT-FACED propagandist.

    The PROBLEM with this entire affair including the twit named Ezra is that MOST of the young ‘journalists’ today have NOT been taught what it is. They are ACTIVISTS. And they are POISONING the journalistic landscape. Not to mention the minds of their younger readers.

    These two guys have $hit-eatin’ grins and they wreak of liberal arrogance. They will both be gainfully employed within 6 weeks. Most likely by Arianna Huff-n-Puff . She’s no different than they are.

    • scorpioman


      • jonavark

        Hey Scorp! I missed you in the gay marriage blog!

        • scorpioman

          Poisoning the minds of their younger readers? Are you speaking about the young minds that can decipher truth from what’s feed to them by conservative ratfarkers? BTW, Your definition of marriage is going to change in due time. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it therefore there’s no reason discussing it. You’ve lost also on that front to young minds who are seeing for themselves that conservatives are serving up poison kool-aid.

  • d1carter

    New Journolist II meeting to be held in Paul Krugman’s basement. Who’s bringing the Chardonnay?

  • buddy

    Please post those dicussions from the journolist site in October.

  • leepeters

    Parody: “Just Because I Serial Kill Republicans Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Report Objectively on Politics” http://optoons.blogspot.com/2010/06/just-because-i-serial-kill-republicans.html

  • oneclevercookie

    While the Daily Caller’s expose of Mr. Weigel may have been a morale boosting strategic victory. It is my contention that by forcing Mr. Klein to react by shutting down the Journolist will again move these subversive “Media Elites” underground once again. No doubt this ilk is annoying, especially hearing them crow like bantam roosters. But we did at least know what they thinking and how they operated. Since the election of Barak Obama, these individuals have felt their ideology has been vindicated and normalized. This “normalization” gave these “elites” the confidence to come out of the shadows and expose their true natures. I’m sorry to see Mr. Klein slither back to the safety of the shadows, and can only hope he and his ilk resurface in the not too distant future.

    • scorpioman

      Insightful Liberal Knowledge (ilk) = Kryptonite to conservatives.

      • anniebanannie

        ilk = ignorant liberal kooks.

        • BooneCountyGirl

          It’s not even a fair fight! LOL

  • moira1987

    What we need now is for Media Matters and TPM to get flushed down the same drain at the J List… Weigel is a douchebag, Ezra Klein is the Levi Johnston of political blogging and now they know what goes around comes around. 😀

  • mcurtis

    Aren’t there any more important stories to lead with? Who cares about this?

    • billable

      Agreed. Reporters love to report about themselves.

    • diamndgirl


      I couldn’t agree more, the only people getting glee out of this is the DC crowd…this should be a secondary story at the least…the majority of america could care less..we know who are libs or conservatives…the need to pat each other on the back here is pathetic..two days of this BS is enough for me.

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  • clw

    …and emails aside, it’s no surprise to anyone that the MSM is comprised almost entirely of far left liberals, so what ELSE would they do? What shocks ME is when I run across what appears to be a very NON-biased journalist! This guy is a lemming. He doesn’t stand out for ANY reason; and another ‘Journolist’ site will just pop up in it’s place, and he’ll be there.

  • seekingtounderstand

    I had always wondered how the far left liberal press seem to all be pushing the same message at the same time, my belief being that they where sent an email from the WH everyweek in order to move with Obamas agenda. So instead we find out that they just hook up on an email site in order to help the president move his agenda forward…….my apologies to Cokie Roberts who I emailed and asked her if President Obama just sent her the topic of the week to write about.