Chicago’s Mayor Richard Daley fights for gun control despite Supreme Court ruling on McDonald case

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling in McDonald v. Chicago, which struck down the city’s ban on handguns, officials are fighting back hard. In the words of Mayor Richard Daley, the city “will publicly propose a new ordinance very soon,” that will restrict gun ownership without violating the court’s decision.

That means miles of new red tape and regulations Chicagoans will have to go through to legally obtain a handgun even though the right to bear arms is actually considered a “right.”

The suit in Chicago was filed days after the court ruled in 2008 in DC v. Heller, that Washington D.C.’s ban on guns was unconstitutional. That decision opened up the door for a slew of lawsuits because the court was not clear whether their decision applied to cities and states.

In McDonald v. Chicago, the Supreme Court justices decided 5-4 that the Heller decision could be incorporated to the states via the due process clause in the 14th Amendment.

But what seems like a victory for gun-rights advocates that will make it easier for citizens to own firearms, the ruling may not make much difference in Chicago. That is, if Mayor Daley gets his way.

“We’re working to rewrite our ordinance in a reasonable and responsible way to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and protect Chicagoans from gun violence,” Daley said in a recent press release.

“Gun violence is not just a Chicago problem, it is an American problem,” said Daley. “And, it will continue until we understand that there are reasonable and responsible steps we can take as a nation to help end the needless gun violence that irresponsible people bring on our friends and family.”

Although the specifics of the new ordinance have yet to be made public, those “reasonable and responsible steps” will most likely resemble those in D.C. There, residents are forced to take training courses, spend a certain amount of time on a firing range, and pass a 20-question test on guns laws.

None of which are exactly cheap for hopeful gun owners to pay for, or the city to provide. And it is those kinds of regulations that give gun advocates reason to worry.

Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, told The Daily Caller that while the principle that the 2nd Amendment now applies to the whole country is significant, the battle is far from over.

“The challenge now is to attack licensing schemes that are almost just as bad as a ban,” said Pratt. “Now, most people just give up or can’t afford it … Chicago is very likely to do what was done in D.C., which is pretty outrageous.”

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  • lazifox


    I love the part where you have to be trained for an hour on a gun range. Where this is totally reasonable, I find it funny that they said the only gun ranges are available to police officers only … so you have to skip town to get certi.

    So we are opening our borders and taking guns away from people. I bet the soviet spies are loving this! ;p

  • joltinjoe

    Mayor Daley is flat out wrong on this issue. His subaltern Daniel Vice is also in a fog. The people killing Chicagoans are other people from Chicago and not from the suburbs. He knows that and he knew it when he said it. By definition that makes his statement a lie. It is the bad people of Chicago who do the killing of both other bad Chicagoans and some good ones. Giving the good Chicagoans the right to carry a gun will keep the bad ones at bay. That should be well understood by everybody but Chacagoan’s elected mayor seems to have missed this lesson. The law of self preservation is the highest law on earth. Chacago could reduce homicides if everyone carried a gun. The “wild west” was much safer than it is now believed. Any one using that as a backdrop to their argument is clearly not involved with the truth. Now you know!

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