GOP senators launch broadside against Obamacare

Of course, the discussion of a hamstrung IRS contradicts the specter of an army of heavily armed agents swarming into American homes, which was a common bogeyman among many on the right around the time of the bill’s passage.

The Obama administration says that a set open enrollment period for the new health law each year will keep the young and healthy from arbitrarily acquiring or dropping coverage.

The Coburn/Barrasso report also says that 16 million Americans will be moved on Medicaid, putting them in a system that is already going broke and in which many recipients of aid are already having trouble finding physicians to treat them because of the lower reimbursement rates inherent in Medicaid.

Under the new law, all states are required to enroll everyone under 133 percent of poverty ($14,403 per person, or $29,326 per a family of four) in Medicaid. But the report states that “40 percent of physicians do not accept Medicaid patients.”

States are also staggering under the load of expanded Medicaid populations. States typically pay about 43 percent of Medicaid costs, though the federal government will defray the cost for most of the recipients that are added by the requirement in the new law.

Finally, the report says that small businesses will face reporting requirements that cost them an average of $6,000 a year, due to a new portion of the law that requires companies to send the IRS a 1099 form “for every business-to-business transaction of $600 or more for both property and services.”

A White House official said the administration was focused on the benefits that are beginning to take effect from the bill.

“This week, more than 300,000 seniors will begin receiving $250 rebate checks to bring down the cost of their prescription drugs, but some Republicans are still spreading misinformation and arguing for a return to the status quo,” the White House official said, requesting that they not be identified.

“Under the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans will gain affordable coverage, small businesses are receiving tax credits to make it easier to provide coverage and we’ve implemented a real patient’s bill of rights. We’re focused on delivering the benefits of reform to the American people.”

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