No, REALLY, Sarah Palin is a genius (and so is Levi Johnston)

I know, I know…You’re thinking, for this guy’s first Daily Caller column he’s going to tout the genius that is Sarah Palin AND (gasp) Levi Johnston, who can barely fumble his way through a 30 second interview?!  Believe me, I understand – Sight unseen, this column topic might make some of you (the Palinites) cheer, others of you (the haters) jeer, and more than a few of my friends (and my mom) disown me over the title alone.

First, let me propose a simple credo to formally introduce this topic:  PR MAKES THE WORLD GO ‘ROUND (period).

I’m a PR guy from way back.  I understand smoke and mirrors, bait and switch, spinning until you puke, and other various tricks of the publicity skin trade.  I used to be the one dancing in the pale moon light with the media on behalf of superstars and brand names, now I just really get off on calling their bluff.  Come on, it’s reaching a ridiculous fever pitch out there these days!

ENTER the electrifying, glossy-lipped, designer clad, moose hunting, pit bull, Facebook-posting, Queen of Wasilla, Tea Parties, and liberal scorn everywhere, SARAH PALIN.

You can call her dumb, you can call her shallow, you can call her close-minded, you can call her inarticulate, you can even objectify her and call her sexy, but whether you HEART her or hate her, you absolutely, positively, without a doubt cannot argue that she is not a genius in at least one area:  PR.

And why?  It’s quite simple.  Because she is in on the joke.  Nothing fazes her.  Whether she’d admit it or probably not, she is the new poster child for the number one rule of PR:  There is no such thing as bad publicity.

This is a woman who burst onto the scene as a complete unknown and within milliseconds, MILLISECONDS!, was anything but.  When Sarah Palin was introduced to those of us who aren’t Alaskans, the world shifted a few degrees on its axis.  And she’s held us in the palm of her hand ever since, juggling.

Consider the following three points to make the case, once and for all, for officially christening Sarah Palin a genius and along the way also anointing her only real collateral damage, Levi Johnston, the same:

One.  Sarah Palin is the new Princess Diana, at least in terms of seducing the media on this side of the pond.  Sacrilege perhaps, but the proof is in the, um, moose stew. For starters, she often shares top billing with the President of the United States.  You tell me that the media doesn’t go into a gut-wrenching tailspin every time they have to decide whether to lead with her or with him.  Even a whoopsie-daisy like writing crib notes on her hand rivaled whatever “Hopey-Changey” business the President was up to at that moment (which I can’t remember myself off-hand).

  • star

    What I like best about Sarah Palin is that the media and DNC thought they had succeeded in destroying her and she didn’t let them win. Who else could have survived that onslaught of negative media scrutiny? Obama couldn’t have. I mean, they threw everything they had at her: lawsuits, lies, Levi Johnston, Tina Fey, they took her worst moments and reaired them over and over, and to this day ignore all her accomplishments, and she’s still standing. She’s even more influential than before. And I think she’s using her influence for the right reasons. The media and democratic party have to be scratching their heads.

    One thing I would disagree with in this article is that while there is no such thing as bad publicity when you are a celebrity. I do think it affects you when you are a politician.

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  • Rob Miller

    The real story is that Sarah Palin was able, way before anyone else, to fathom the anger among average Americans at the way we’re being governed and to plug in to that energy. She is a political genius, with ninja skills and she did it on her own without the help of the GOP establishment. Smart lady!

    Johnston only got the publicity he did because of the dinosaur media’s Palin Derangement Syndrome. You see, she’s an attractive, articulate woman who went off the reservation by not being a Democrat.

    The way these people were searching for dirt on the Arctic Fox, any cockroaches that surfaced, rightly or wrongly, were going to get the media spotlight.

    Palin is a genius. Levi? Not so much.

    Rob Miller

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  • jonavark

    I want to know why the Huffers haven’t reported Levi’s apology. Everyone else has.. could it be they used him as their poster child for acceptable behavior for so long in desperate attempts to humiliate Sarah? Yes.. it could be

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lars-Svensen/100001028197161 Lars Svensen

    John E. Schlimm. Dave Letterman, Keith Olberman, Andrew Sullivan: Shake them all up in a sack, and you couldn’t tell which one crawled out first. Sarah Palin is a ravishing beauty of sterling character.