Lo and behold: The rise and fall of Lindsay Lohan [SLIDESHOW]

Tiger Woods and Lindsay Lohan have a lot more in common than you might think.

In 2010, both tarnished their names irreparably as a result of poor choices made in the past. Woods’ indiscretions date back to lord only knows when, and LiLo’s troubles can be traced back to her 2007 DUI, maybe even before.  Each had the opportunity to sustain fabulously successful careers (Lohan was even deemed the next Julia Roberts), yet instead took the route of the train wreck.

Both have reached a breaking point, and for Lindsay, that point was this week. We knew she’d turned into a bit of a loon, but LiLo in jail? While this is not her first time at the rodeo (a rodeo … with bars), this particular sentencing and her subsequent reaction in court underscored just how far Lohan has fallen.

How far, you ask? Here is a slideshow chronicling her journey from her commercial days to the silver screen, from pinup status to burglar, and from rehab regular to soon-to-be jailbird.

If around the 12th slide or so you find yourself flirting with depression, don’t worry, it’s totally normal.

  • suertecita

    I never watched the Parent Trap. I never watched Freaky Friday. I never watched any film of Lindsay, and never even knew who she was until she started showing up in the tabloids. The only movie I’ve watched her in was Mean Girls, and I thought it sucked.

    I think where she lost herself is when she started changing her hair into awful blacks and blondes. Seems like you don’t even know who you are. Just keep it real.

  • dividist

    You know… They say that eventually everyone gets the face they deserve. Unfortunately, Lindsey in on her way there.