2010 midterms on track to be costliest ever

The midterm elections promise to shake up Washington, but candidates are learning that change doesn’t come cheap.

A bitter free-for-all in the Florida Senate race is indicative of a national trend of big spending in what is expected to be the most expensive midterm election cycle in history.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Sunshine State candidates have raised more than $24 million and spent more than $9 million with 14 costly weeks to go before the general election.

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  • thebassguy

    Can we get the money out of politics? If you believe ANY of what our Founding Fathers did about this nation, you would be against ALL political contributions to candidates or parties, for individuals and corporations and industry groups. If you support paying candidates to raise funds for your cause and vote in your interest, you are destroying this nation. Remember, over 70% of all senators and congressfolks time is spent fundraising.