Memo to Journolist: FBI docs show alliance between Obama’s associates, Rev. Wright, and Bill Ayers

In May 1974, WUO published “Prairie Fire” which “is self-described as the ‘Political statement of the Weather Underground.” In a May 9, 1974 letter bearing the names Bill Ayers, his wife, fellow terrorist, Benardine Dohrn and Jeff Jones (The New York state Apollo Alliance Director who reportedly wrote President Obama’s stimulus legislation), reveals an alliance to Rev. Wright’s theology—the Black liberation movement. As the FBI documents quote:

“We made the choice to become a guerrilla organization…when the Vietnamese were fighting a heroic people’s war, defeating…the most technologically advanced military power…At home, the struggle and insurrection of the Black liberation movement heightened our commitment to fight alongside the determined enemies of the empire…This defined our international responsibility and our duty as white revolutionaries inside the oppressor nation… We are part of a wave of revolution sparked by the Black liberation struggle… every movement must learn to fight correctly, sometimes retreating, sometimes advancing. But fighting the enemy must be its reason for being. …The way America will aid the victory of the people of the world is…by helping to create a front in support of black and brown liberation here, and by tearing up in the gut of the monster. Destroying the bureaucracy, the pig army, showing initially that the US not only can’t hold together an empire but can’t even hold together white people.”

To read the FBI declassified documents on Ayer’s Weatherman click here. Decide for yourself whether or not they are prophetic or relevant. If so, then the fallout from the Journolist’s collusion, and other media malfeasance that occurred during the 2008 election to protect their candidate for President might just be beginning.

Marinka Peschmann is a freelance journalist. She’s collaborated and contributed on books ranging from showbiz to true crime, the United Nations and politics.

  • rainmaker1145

    And the Republicans continue their slumber unabated. What gutless fools they all are.

  • jondos

    The new mantra for us, the news reader, must be “expect anything, trust nothing.” Of course similar collusion occurred with William Ayers, as well as his friendship with Tony Rezko and all of his other Chicago buds. That city is so dripping with corruption that it would be impossible for you not to get some on you. But not Obama. He came out of the Chicago Machine smelling like a rose, despite his name tangentially being mentioned in multiple instances. There was also collusion relative to Obama’s school records, his health records and his voting records. How is it that every single reporter in the country thought it unreasonable to see his college transcripts. We are talking about EVERY SINGLE REPORTER IN THE COUNTRY! And then not reporting on this most transparent President signing an executive order to keep his own records under lock and key. This very public Presidential personality would not allow his personal records to become public. Not a mention of any of this from the main stream media. Not a one of them pressed the issue for an inquisitive American public. Instead we were called racists and ignorant. Anyone who had any questions about this soon to be President was let down by the media as a whole.

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