Heckler at Orszag speech at Brookings sings that Obama’s health care plan is ‘Hitler approved’

Days from stepping down as director of the Office of Management and Budget, Peter Orszag can now add another feather to his cap: he has inspired someone to write a song in his honor.

After delivering a 25-minute speech at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank, Orszag was heckled during the question-and-answer session by a man who identified himself as Rick Lopez.

Out of an audience of a couple hundred, Orszag called on Lopez to ask a question. Instead, Lopez launched into a song heckling Orszag and President Obama’s health care plan to the classical tune “Funiculi, Funicula.”

A transcript of the song, with Orszag’s interruptions in parentheses:

Yes, hello. My name is Rick Lopez, and I work with LPAC. And, uh, I just wanna say, I’ve always been inspired by bean-counters who are willing to come out and impose really brutal austerity, and you, it’s gonna butcher the poor, but what of it. And my question is, what do you think of this song that was inspired by you that I wrote?

It goes…

Peter Orszag and Larry Summers, they’re fascist pigs
They’re fascist pigs
[Mic is killed]
They say health care’s a burden on the budget
It’s bullshit, it’s bullshit
(All right, well thank you for that)
We spend $22 trillion on Wall Street, on Wall Street
(I don’t think there was a question in there, but if we could go to Ruth [Marcus] that would be great. Could we just get her a microphone?)
And now, they cut it out of freakin’ health care,
(Sir, if you wanted to record that, I’m sure we would be delighted to…)
Ain’t that some shit, we’re [indistinguishable]
(Ok, I guess we’re just gonna let him sing…)
Shareholder, value health care
Is for Nazis, were you well aware
It will kill you, it will kill you, it will kill you, it will kill you
Obama’s health care plan is Hitler approved
Obama’s health care plan is Hitler approved

Orszag played off the incident with humor.

“I clearly chose the wrong person for the second question,” Orszag joked after the man had been escorted out of the room.

Orszag then called on Ruth Marcus, columnist for the Washington Post, and said that “all questions must be in song.”

Lopez claimed that he works with the LPAC, the political action committee founded by Lyndon Larouche. LPAC denies that Osama bin Laden was behind the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, calls for Obama’s impeachment and features a picture of Obama with a Hitler mustache on its website.

LPAC confirmed that Lopez is a volunteer organizer with the committee.

  • BooneCountyGirl

    Rick Lopez is a hero. How many of us have his Funiculas?

  • jstan442

    wonder if he is going to sell the song on cd??he’d probably make a million-he’s right the white house gang is facist,socialsts all the czars etc.

  • recovered dem

    Lopez was right! Orszag is a crook!

  • emem

    Nobody had a pie?

  • rainmaker1145

    He’s lucky he’s not indicted yet. Few things in this world would provide me with the satisfaction of seeing this amoral and corrupt man indicted for his part in defrauding the American public in the last election. I talked to him back in 2005 and he was a corrupt dirt bag then. I see he hasn’t changed much.

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