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Another Teachable Moment

While Jim Treacher searches for rare specimens to add to his butterfly collection, other people will be trawling. Like Frank J: “Hello. I’m Frank J. I blog at IMAO.us and sometimes write columns. I am also on the Twitters. I like to write about politics even though I don’t know more than anybody else, but that’s okay because it’s the internet.”

So I heard the president went on TV and called black people “mongrels.” No, we’re not talking like early last century; we’re talking 2010. I thought we were past this sort of thing. We even elected a black president to show we were done with this sort of nonsense.

Still, we should have learned from recent events not to automatically jump to the conclusion that the president is racist against black people. As strange it sounds, he could have meant it innocently. He did say before that his grandmother who raised him was scared of black

people, so maybe he picked it up from her but never understood it was offensive. So I guess we need to tell the president that “mongrel” is never a nice thing to call people. You see, Mr. President, black people are just like you and me — except cooler — and should never be called mean things. And that goes for every other race, too (except, of course, those potato-licking Irish).

Now let’s all try and get along.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Gillies/1297535237 David Gillies

    Dude, chill. Of course black people are mongrels. Uruguayans are mongrels. The most strutting blond exemplar of the Nordic race ever to hoist a swastika is still a mish-mash of genes that owes its ultimate provenance to some guy getting jiggy in Africa 70,000 years ago. I proudly refer to myself as a zaguate, which where I live is a mongrel, except with slightly more negative connotations. It’s not ‘mean’ to call people mongrels. It’s Physical Anthropology 101. I like the fact I’m a little bit of this and a little bit of that, which probably includes Picts, a couple of waves of Norsemen, ur-Celts, Romans, Gauls, Spaniards, whathaveyou. A dutch sailor steps off the dock in Marrakech in 1200AD and knocks up a local girl and 700 years later everyone’s related from the North Cape to the Cape of Good Hope. This is a good thing.

  • FreedomRocks76

    How is it that the NAACP and the babbling heads over at MCDNC allow such a racist remark from a 1/2 WHITE guy who was raised by his “typical WHITE grandmother” to make such a remark!
    Anothe rexample of a white guy making a racist remark and getting away with it.

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  • rick63

    nice paragraph break Frank

  • stickeenotes

    100% right.. especially about those dirty Irish.

    • gregbo

      mmm, potatoes.

  • rocco

    I’m from the South, was the President equating people and dogs or was that a shot at Mongolian people ?

  • damncat

    Seeing as how Obama has left himself open for all manner of well-deserved snarky comments, I’d call this a Treachable moment!