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Undocumented Brutality

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Reporting on the Wikileaks release of classified military documents for the Associated Press, Kimberly Dozier writes:

As the Obama administration scrambles to repair any political damage to the war effort in Congress and among the American public by the WikiLeaks revelations, there are also growing concerns that some U.S. allies abroad may ask whether they can trust America to keep secrets, officials said.

The concerns of those U.S. allies are understandable.  Democracies always have trouble maintaining secrecy, especially once they stop taking concepts like “treason” seriously.  By contrast, prying information from dictatorships is considerably less enjoyable for international activists.  Claudia Rosett wonders why WikiLeaks doesn’t get busy prying comparable information from the Taliban, Iran, or similar creatures lurking in the shadows of the Mos Eisley Cantina.  Of course, she knows the answer.  The kind of bravery involved in facing down the murderous custodians of a torture state is far less comfortable than the “bravery” that wins Nobel prizes.

This creates the paradox of an enlightened Western community that spends a lot of time denouncing itself, instead of bearing witness to the savagery of its medieval opponents.  You won’t see activist hackers feeding evidence of Iranian complicity in war crimes against U.S. soldiers to the New York Times. Mountains of skeletons remained securely locked behind Palestinian, Syrian, and Iraqi doors, while the Western media faints at the sight of bloodstains on the uniforms of its soldiers.  The irony of weeping over covert missions against an illegal terrorist enemy that exists in defiance of the Geneva Conventions is lost on them.

The simple truth is that war against a brutal enemy is always brutal.  The conduct of American soldiers in the War on Terror has been nothing short of magnificent.  That doesn’t mean it’s been flawless… but history has never seen anything like the precision, and attention to humanitarian concerns, characteristic of our operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.  It’s a high standard that has cost American lives.  An unlawful attempt to second-guess our military policy, through the release of classified documents, stands to cost more.

An account of the professionalism and compassion our forces have displayed in the War on Terror would astound even the most enlightened statesmen of any previous era.  The material contained in the WikiLeaks documents would have reassured them we are not children.  War is a messy business, but it’s nothing compared to the stench of submission, or the vile methods our enemies will use to obtain it.

I wish I were more confident our Commander-in-Chief would concentrate on the danger to our troops and allies in the combat zone, who may soon be on the receiving end of behavior the New York Times has little interest in documenting… instead of fretting about political fallout they’ll be happy to dispose of for him.

  • Pammie-La

    I want to know how this kid -who probably hasn’t even developed ‘hair down there’ yet-had access to classified documents?

  • katnandu

    Wow! That was fantastic!

  • irwinhandleman

    since i’m sure it won’t be posted here, al gore has been cleared:


    i’ll be waiting for your apologies…

    oh, and p.s. suck it

    • pavel

      Actually, he hasn’t been “cleared,” irwin. Not even kind of. I wouldn’t expect you or any other self-righteous lefty douche to understand this because it requires a basic understanding of our legal system, but proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is actually very difficult, and in case of a lying prick like Al requires a huge commitment of government resources.

      The decision not to move forward with prosecution has nothing to do with whether your hero Al acted like a depraved, whiny, selfish pig to the accuser. He knows; she knows; and Tipper had the good sense to ditch Al’s pathetic womanizing ass.

      Now get back to your mom’s basement, fall on your knees to your Risen Messiah Algore, and release your second chakra.

    • Kerrvillian

      Following in the Goracle’s footsteps in demanding someone else satisfy your base sexual desires? Tisk, tisk!

      Fact 1. The Portland prosecutor has to decide “If I try this case how much of my limited resources will be stolen because the accused has a bigger bank account than the city I work for?” Since it’s clear that Portland also has to prosecute criminals who commit much more serious crimes, such as murder, the decision not to move forward is as much about economics as it is about who is telling the truth. Perhaps more so in the economy CAUSED BY THE DEMOCRATS.

      Fact 2. The Daily Caller DID cover the decision not to move forward, so it was certain that you didn’t need to post your rant in this spot. The evidence is at http://dailycaller.com/2010/07/31/gore-affair-district-attorney-says-sexual-assault-accusation-not-appropriate-for-criminal-prosecution/

    • Jim Treacher

      Your eloquence is matched only by your discernment, Brian.

    • anniebanannie

      “Through a pre-arranged agreement, Mr. Gore’s attorneys were provided with 14 questions posed by PPB. The attorneys agreed the investigators could also ask additional questions. Although presenting questions in advance is not the best procedure from our standpoint, when a person does not have to submit to a law enforcement interview it may be an appropriate practice in order to gain an interview. ”

      PRE-ARRANGED QUESTIONS!! In other words, Gore was sooooo—innocent?–that he couldn’t answer spontaneous questions from the police, so they stage an investigation to look like they are doing something.

      Another stellar investigation by the Portland police.

  • jsminch

    “history has never seen anything like the precision, and attention to humanitarian concerns, characteristic of our operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

    Amen. This statement should be read at the beginning of each and every news program.

    Your average American knows nothing about the history of warfare. Some of us do and, watching the comport of our military in these wars, are absolutely amazed.