Officer baited in altercation that injured him

Sgt. Matthew Grimes was asked to give a presentation to a church audience on July 24 at Municipal Gardens, in the 1800 block of Lafayette Road.

During the presentation, an altercation broke out in the crowd, and Grimes intervened. The officer was thrown to the ground and drew his Taser, ready to stun one of the people involved, police said.

At that point, someone stepped in and told the officer that the incident had been concocted to test the reaction of the officer to the situation, police said. Grimes suffered severe back spasms after the incident and was taken to Methodist Hospital for treatment.

James Harrington, pastor of the Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church, said he set up the scenario to test a white officer’s reaction to a fight between two black men.

“Their job is to protect and serve, and even though they have families and children, that they don’t put any regard to their safety,” Harrington said. “I don’t think it was dangerous because it was in a controlled environment.”

Full story: Police: Officer Baited In Altercation That Injured Him – Indiana News Story – WRTV Indianapolis

  • hired.mind

    I think that the police should “test” the people of that church by staging a uniformed white cop getting assaulted by a black cop in civilian clothes.

    Will they come to the aid of the uniformed cop, or egg on the “civilian?”

  • erick1740

    What an ass hope the pastor faces charges.

  • rannan3

    wow, just wow !
    Inviting the police into your church, so you can TEST HIM ?
    I don’t know what, but hope charges are filed.
    What they did was reckless and deliberate.
    Shows their contempt for the law and the officer.
    LIKE saying we don’t trust the law unless they pass
    OUR test because we’re the ultimate authority.

  • johninnevada

    Prosecute rev rightous, What a jerk-off. So much for all that compassion. Is this guy related to rev Jeremiah Wright. The only controled environment he needs is a jail cell. Too bad the cop didn’t taz the rev.

  • Confedd

    Sounds like a racist pastor to me……and no respect for the law. Charges should be brought against him. Word of advice for white people stay away from the church you never know what the next test is going to be.

  • Momma M

    What an Ass! He sounds like a “rev.” jackson or “rev.” wright to me… JERK! I hope the officer, his department and the state charge this man for putting the safety of a police officer in jeapordy … for some kinda racial stunt!

    Again.. what an ASS!

  • gatortarian

    Does this idiot get a beer summit too or did the police act stupidly.