Pelosi to call House back into session to approve jobs measure

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will call the House back into session next week to approve a measure to help states ease their severe budget problems and save the jobs of tens of thousands of teachers and other public employees.

The move by the California Democrat would force lawmakers to interrupt their August recess to speed a $26 billion jobs measure to President Barack Obama’s desk so he can sign it into law before most schools reopen.

The measure cleared a crucial hurdle in the Senate on Wednesday and headed for passage there soon.

The bill would extend programs enacted in last year’s stimulus law to help preserve the jobs of teachers, police officers, firefighters and other public employees.


  • Trisha

    Pelosi is looking wearier and wearing, could she be experiencing some inner excruciating scream

  • barryaz

    Scare tactics. When the subject of laying off or losing police, firefighters, and teachers is always where they go to scare people into accepting these enormous spending bills. When you finally get to the brass tacks and find where the money ends up, you find out it didn’t save one job for these classes but has lined the pockets of some politician or connected person. The reasoning is administrative costs to put these programs into place. Another waste of taxpayer monies.

  • votersofny

    Oh forgot. IU saw that video of Pelosi where they asked what her favorite word was and she said ‘the word.’ Search on youtube for it with search words “pelosi the word” or use link below if it doesn’t get deleted.

    The link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSko2ixEB8U

    Can you believe how stupid this thing is? My God, it’s scary that this dumb biatch is 3rd in line to be president of the USA. Am I in upside down world or something. I can’t believe we have dopes like this running our country.

  • votersofny

    Got that right. That money will be going to try and get Democraps reelected this November adn some to stuff their pockets with. Obumbler thinks we’re dopes and don’t realize why he didn’t spend all of the ‘stimulus’ money yet. Yeah, you know, the must have right now or planet will die, stimulus 1 1/2 years ago? I can’t wait for this lying piece of crapola to go.

    Good job Obumbler on being the worst president in history. Jimmy Carter thanks you. Would someone please find his birth certificate from Kenya so we can dump this bum and all the laws he signed? Please?

  • thephranc

    I love the lie about how it will save teachers and cops and fire fighters.