Tea Party sees national role for Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann

What’s in Michele Bachmann’s future?

The Republican congresswoman from Minnesota formed the Tea Party Caucus in the House last month, increasing her visibility as a leader among the Tea Party faithful. Then she filed papers last week to start her own political action committee, MichelePAC, something befitting a person with a national following. She’s now signaled to Tea Party leaders that she’ll sign the Contract from America, a list of legislative priorities from Tea Party activists that’ll endear her even more to the movement that sees her as a rock star.

Ask Tea Party activists about what this means for her, and there’s no surprise: they could envision her stepping into several sorts of higher profile jobs.

“I think she’d be a great member of the leadership of Republicans if they take over,” said Ryan Hecker, a Texas lawyer and creator of the Contract from America. “I think that she really strongly represents and truly cares about the Tea Party movement and its values.”

Don Hensarling, the Florida director for the 912 Project, has another idea for her. “Last time I talked to Newt Gingrich — because I really think he wants to run for president — I told him, I said, ‘Michele will make a great vice president for you.’”

Bachmann’s campaign manager last week declined an interview request with the congresswoman about what the creation of her PAC means for her future. But in an interview with The Daily Caller last month, Bachmann downplayed having any national aspirations other than to just be re-elected to Congress, saying she has “such a big target on my back from Speaker Pelosi.”

In 2009, Bachmann told a conservative website that she’d run for president one day if she felt God was telling her to. But the same year, she told a caller on a radio show that she has “no intention of running for higher office.” Her Democratic opponent, Tarryl Clark, recently tried using the speculation to paint Bachmann as out of touch with the folks back home in her district.

“Michele Bachman is a national leader,” said Larry Jacobs, professor of political science at the University of Minnesota.

“She is seeking to encourage and provide leadership for a somewhat scattered grouping of conservatives and libertarians,” he said. “She may realize that without leadership, it will splinter. If she is able to give shape and meaning to the Tea Party groupings, she will solidify her standing as one of the country’s preeminent conservative forces.”

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  • riseabove

    I don’t know about anybody else but it’s rather refreshing just the fact that people like Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin recognize how out-of-touch and out-of-control and off-track this administration is. That’s the whole gist of it. If they’re smart enough to know a con job when they see it then they’re smart enough to come up with counter solutions for the issues facing us today. These people appeal to the masses because when they speak, they speak to all and they would represent all, not just special interest groups. Good judgement, down home, down-to-earth representation sounds pretty damn good to me right now.

  • Budapeter

    Yes, Yes, Yes.

    Bachmann and Palin.

    Just what we need as leaders in the New American Revolution.

    Great Ticket.

    Total IQ of a 2×4, but then that is what the New American Revolution is all about.

    We can call it by a really grand old political name:

    The Know Nothing Party.


    • truebearing

      I see you prefer the Demoncrat Party, all evil, all of the time.

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  • libertyatstake

    Michele, Michele: as easy on the eyes as Sarah, and so, so much smarter …

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    • awlhattinokaddle

      Speaking of that, who is the POA just behind Michelle on her left?

    • soso

      Why so quick to back Bachmann? Just like the rest of the GOP, what has she really done to stop illegal immigration? I’ve never heard Bachmann propose legislation to go after employers that higher undocumented workers. The Republican Party is just using another pretty face to take over the Tea Party. Why is everyone so willing to follow the GOP again, hoping that they are different some how?

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  • Major_Skidmark

    The whole point of Tea Parties is that there isn’t a leader. No leader, no one for Rahmmy and Axelhole to attack. With no leader they have to attack US, the people.

    • rainmaker1145

      Time to pivot then. With our own platform, our own leaders and our own candidates then we will be free.

    • truebearing

      No one for them to attack? Are you kidding? They have attacked the Tea Party relentlessly.

      You have to have leaders, as anyone who has ever tried to work with large numbers of people knows. You can’t elect the Tea Party as president, and you can’t avoid the scumbags attacking your candidate.

      It is ridiculous to think a leaderless grassroots group can take on a well oiled and filthy rich (with stimulus money) political machine like that of Soros, Hillary, and Obama, and expect to win. Wake up.

      Any attempt to go it alone with a third party is sheer stupidity, and makes me wonder if you, and those supporting this fool’s quest, are agent provocateurs from the Soros camp. What you are proposing is exactly what they want.

      Are you trying to help Obama stay in the Whitehouse four more disastrous years? You are promoting the strategy of defeat for the coalition of patriots who recognize the enemy, and want them out at all costs. You are promoting divisiveness within the ranks. Think about it.