Infiltrator trying to pass as Rand Paul fan wrote column bashing Tea Party

There’s more evidence that the dubious “supporter” of U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul who spouted racist comments at a Kentucky political event last weekend was a fake trying to inflict damage upon the Republican nominee’s campaign.

According to Kentucky columnist Brandon Kiser, Tyler Collins wrote a column in the Crittenden County newspaper in June bashing Tea Party activists.

Though Collins took to Kentucky’s Fancy Farms event with a political sign of bilingual TV star Dora the Explorer last weekend (“she’s illegal and she’s corrupting our children,” Collins told WHAS11 TV), Collins criticized Tea Party activists in a June column for displaying distasteful signs at political events.

“As Americans we should have respect for the office, and cropping pictures to make the president look like Hitler is doing our country a disservice,” he wrote.

Collins also cited the Bible for his disapproval of the Tea Party movement and blamed free-market principles for the Great Depression.

The WHAS11 TV reporter who first interviewed Collins was noticeably skeptical at the time that Collins was a true Rand Paul supporter. Then, Dave Weigel at Slate posted a video after the event that showed Collins walking with supporters of Democratic nominee, Jack Conway.

Collins, who could not immediately be reached for comment, was identified in the story as a political science major at Murray State University.

Watch the WHAS11 report:

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peter-Galamaga/1488510023 Peter Galamaga

    What I find galling about Weigel’s two write-ups about this incident is that he tries to brush it off as typical campaign hi-jinks. He equates what this assclown did with folks like Protest Warrior who “infiltrated” protests with mocking signs. However – those signs also include clear info about how to learn more about Protest Warrior.

    Weigel gets it only half-right (and I think intentionally so) when he says people do goofy opposition stuff at rallies. The difference here is that these losers are pretending TO BE conservatives and are smearing them with very ugly stuff – stuff that is getting picked up and repeated as fact around the Internet by shrieking Lefties.

    The subtext of what he’s written is “Darn! Now it’s going to be harder to prove that there are tons of racist Tea Partiers!”

    Typical Journolist journalist…

  • gringott

    The demoncrats need to purge these lying racists and marxists from their ranks. I think this guy is a Stalinist.

  • RepoMan

    I would think that this would be an excellent opportunity for Paul and the Tea Partiers to take up the NAACP proposal to denounce racists allegedly in its ranks. Paul should denounce Collins, and publicly refer him to the NAACP, with a request that the latter offer Collins sensitivity training and counseling.

  • hoosherdaddy

    WOW! Are you serious? did this jackass really think people would buy this? Thank God we have folks out there researching and investigating these D-bags and exposing them for the fakes they are. I mean, I havnt worn my foil hat since the census ended, who is this guy trying to fool :p

  • Ms. Jones

    The tin foil “hat” was a nice touch. Hmmm, write an op ed piece to criticize the Tea Party for racist signs, then infiltrate an event disguised as what the left perceives is a stereotypical conservative, complete with the racist signage. When you can’t prove your point, doctor up some “evidence”. What are those progressive Marxist professors teaching gullible college kids these days, I wonder?

  • stvcar1

    And now the winner for 2010 Donald Segretti Award……..

    And I hope I spelled his name correctly.

  • thephranc

    So dishonest they can’t debate the subject and need to make up things to attack.

  • brettrow

    I view him as a typical hypocritical democrat liar who fully supports shady and slimy tactics as long as it benefits his party. I suspect he has no problem comparing Bush to Hitler, but gets all kinds of righteous when the same is done to Obama. Im glad the Oreilly factor and Megyn Kelly ran with it, becuase God knows PMSNBC will not.