New Hampshire candidate wishes Palin and Levi Johnston were in plane crash

A New Hampshire candidate for the state house is taking heat from the state Republican Party after he wrote on a Facebook thread that he wishes former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and the father of her grandson were in the plane crash that killed former Sen. Ted Stevens in Alaska on Monday.

“Just wish Sarah and Levy (sic) were on board,” wrote Keith Halloran, a Democratic candidate for Cheshire County House District 7, referencing Palin and Levi Johnston, the on-again, off-again boyfriend of her daughter.

Stevens and four others died in the crash after the plane headed to a fishing trip slammed into the side of a mountain in Alaska.

The comment from Halloran was in response to a post on Facebook from Republican state Rep. DJ Bettencourt about Steven’s death, who said, “I find it truly sad and sickening that some folks can’t find a way to be positive or at least keep quiet about someone when they pass away.”

The New Hampshire GOP called Holloran’s comment a “new low, even by the standards of the New Hampshire Democrat (sic) Party.”

“His publicly stated death wish for Governor Palin and her family is abhorrent, and has no place in our public discourse,” said NHGOP communications director Ryan Williams.

Neither Halloran, nor the state Democratic party, immediately returned a request for comment.

Bettencourt told The Daily Caller that since Halloran “friended” him on Facebook last fall, he’s noticed that the candidate often posts on topics having to with politics “rather boldly and liberally, but nothing quite like this.”

Others on Facebook, including other Democrats, chided Halloran for the remarks, he said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lars-Svensen/100001028197161 Lars Svensen

    Stay classy, Dems. Meanwhile, help is on the way. World Health Organization declares Palin Derangement Syndrome pandemic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Quinney/1619139154 Michael Quinney

    The “Party of Tolerance” sure doesn’t ever have any for anyone other than their kool-aid drinking buddies.

  • erick1740

    Dem scum, typical.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Thomas-A-Hempstead/1413396957 Thomas A. Hempstead

    Pretty much says all you need to know about the people of this piss ant state!

    • grayzel

      “piss ant” I thought my father-in-law invented that statement. I have never heard or read anyone use it but him. I love it.

      • scorpioman

        When the word “Pissant” is used properly you’re speaking of a real ant that smells like urine. As slang “Piss Ant” is used to describe people like Ben Quayle. Southerners often call the smallest of ants “PissAints” because they ain’t big as a piss.

        • grayzel

          “As slang “Piss Ant” is used to describe people like Ben Quayle.”

          So you will not mind if I use it to describe you? It fits better than your handle. You should think of changing it.

          • scorpioman

            I would be honored. A friend of mine once said, “Imagine how different the world would be if piss ants were 6 ft long.”

  • RM

    I look forward to the next lecture on civility in politics from our Democrat friends.